9 Best Travel-Related Businesses of 2010

With the recession starting to become only a memory, traveling is something that many individuals decided to start doing again, and as a result, so did the presence of new travel-related businesses. There have been some cool ones this year, and the best were of course the most obscure. As we ring in the new year and you start to think about travel plans for 2011, here are some of 2010's best travel businesses to help you out!

#9 Travel Business of 2010 - Human Bed Warmers at the Holiday Inn

Bed WarmersBed Warmers

There's nothing worse than getting into a cold bed, especially when you're away from home in a stark hotel. To make you feel cozy, the Holiday Inn Hotels decided to start employing human bed warmers in 2010. These individuals would pre-warm the sheets and pillows before guests arrived so  they're nice and cozy by the time they hit the sack. But of course, there's that whole creep factor!

 #8 Travel Business of 2010 - Sock Mob Tours

Sock Mob ToursSock Mob Tours

I only wrote about this for the first time recently, but Sock Mob Tours is so cool and unique that it couldn't be ignored here. Sock Mob Tours provides individuals with the opportunity to experience the city from an all new perspective; through the eyes of homeless people trained in the art of tour giving!

#7 Travel Business of 2010 - Underground Hotel

Underground HotelUnderground Hotel

If you've ever dreamed of having a stay underground in a luxury bunker, then you're in luck. The ReardonSmith underground hotel constructed this year allows you. It tries to get visitors in touch with nature, so if that's what you're into, then this is the hotel for you! It's hardly even visible from above ground, so if you're looking to hide out, then it's the ideal vacation spot to visit in 2011. 

#6 Travel Business of 2010 - Camino Branded Hotel

Camino HotelCamino Hotel

The Camino Hotel is one that's a marketers dream, and if you're into brands, then this is a hotel that you just have to make a trip to! Each room represents a different brand and is all decked out to capture its essence. 10 of the suites at this Laguna Beach hotel feature branded rooms including Billabong, Glaceau, Rip Curl, Etnies, Roxy and Quicksilver. 

#5 Travel Business of 2010 - Luxe Home Swap

Luxe Home SwapLuxe Home Swap

Home swaps are an economically friendly way to get in a great vacation somewhere around the world, and Luxe Home Swaps specializing in offering luxury accommodations to those that are used to living like they're in a 5-star hotel on every trip. The concept is the same, but you'll only find the best of the best if that's what you're looking for!

#4 Travel Business of 2010 - NHow Music Hotel

NHow HotelNHow Hotel

For those who want to take a trip to a music oasis, there's NHow Hotel which allows you to take in the sights and sounds of an international destination while staying in a luxury hotel that has iPhone docks in every room, instruments available to play, and even a couple of recording studios!

#3 Travel Business of 2010 -  Pacific Coast Hotel Products

Pacific CoastPacific Coast

When you just can't take the time or don't have the financial resources to get away, you do have the option to bring hotel luxury home. Pacific Coast offers you the opportunity to shop for pillows and linens by hotel so you can get the specific comfort that you experienced at a hotel and bring it home. With Staycations taking off, this is one way to make it feel even more like a vacation at home in 2011!

 #2 Travel Business of 2010 -Where's My Tip

Where's My TipWhere's My Tip

Today cash just isn't the currency of choice and when you're on vacation, it can become hard to leave cash tips as you'd like.. With Where's My Tip, you sign up, get cards to pass out to people you meet that deserve a gratuity during your vacation, and they can logon to the website to claim their tip! This definitely tops the list for most innovative travel business! Or almost...

 #1 Travel Business of 2010 - Toy Traveling

Toy TravelsToy Travels

If you can't actually get out to travel, the next best thing is to send a toy to do it for you. The Travelocity gnome seems to have inspired this fun business that allows you to send out your favorite toy or object to have its picture taken at different location around the world. It's just plain fun!