9 Great Green Holiday Gift Basket Ideas That Are Eco Friendly

If you are still shopping for green gifts this year and have no idea where to look consider a green gift basket.

Today’s gift baskets are as green as they are unique and they aren’t just about chocolates, coffee and popcorn anymore. Check out some of the innovative gift baskets below.

Eco Friendly Gift Idea 1. Eco Starter Kit

Here is an interesting green gift set from GoGreenGift that comes in bag, but should really be put in a gift basket. It comes with: compact fluorescent light bulbs, low-flow shower head, organic fruit leather, organic coffee and tea, grapefruit essential oil, organic lip balm, herbal body care, GoGreen EcoGuide, coupons, an environmental magazine, contacts and resources eco-friendly gift bag.




Eco Friendly Gift Idea 2. Got Fruit Gift Basket

GotFruit has an array of Organic Gift Baskets filled with things like: organic nuts, organic fruit, organic sweets, organic wine and also a combo of the 4. Send the delicious treats in towers, gift baskets or crates. There is even the option of joining the GotFruit Organic Fruit and Nut Club to receive these treats monthly if you choose.





Eco Friendly Gift Idea 3: Mood Lifting Anti-Stress Gift Basket

The Holidays can be stressful for a lot of people. To lift their spirits consider a Mood Lifting Anti-Stress Gift Basket. It contains organic and natural treats (popcorn, ginger chews, fruit leather, chocolate chip granola bar, vegetarian chicken flavored noodle soup, peppermint water), Yogi Calming herbal medicinal tea, Kava Kava and Ginko Biloba supplements, organic lemonade lip balm, tissue (for tears) and a cute little teddy bear.



Eco Friendly Gift Idea
. Coombs Organic Maple Bear Gift Box

If you know someone that loves breakfast and pancakes, they might like this. It’s a gift box with organic maple syrup and organic USDA buttermilk pancake mix made entirely from Organic ingredients. Put it in a basket to make it a gift basket. “We make 100% pure maple syrup with no artificial flavors, preservatives or dyes; We never over-tap trees; We support the use of health spouts for tree friendly tapping; We never use pesticides in our tree farm; Our grading standards are never compromised for short-term gain.”


Dec 6, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Great green gift ideas

Thanks for this article. I was looking for gift baskets for several folks and I love the idea of these green ones. I just never thought of it but now, I will go green.

Dec 14, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Yes, so eco-friendly. First

Yes, so eco-friendly. First we have stuff shipped from all over the world to our central location, where we put it together and then ship it some more. We even use recycled paper! Is it still "organic" if it travels by fossil fuel for thousands of miles? Does it matter that much any more?

Will ever manage to solve a problem with the same thinking that created the problem?

Maybe the most environmentally friendly gift would be no "gift" at all; or one we made ourselves; or at least one made by someone in either the giver or the receiver's area code (the latter would probably be better).