9 Freaky & Funny Baby Fashions: Funky Clothes For The Trendsetting Tot!

Baby fashions are often focused on the cute and cuddly, but there are some parents out there who are tired of the old pinks and blues and want their tots to be trendsetters with funky and funny fashions! Those looking for a unique baby shower gift for a baby to be can also ensure that the newborn makes its first appearance in the world in funky fashion.

If you're a parent or know someone who will be, here are 9 of the freakiest and funniest fashions for babies!

#1 Funky & Funny Baby Fashion - Slapshot Novelty Baby Pacifier

Funny Hockey PacifierFunny Hockey Pacifier

Bucktooth pacifiers for babies were all the rage a few years ago, but that trend has been taken one step further with a whole series of novelty pacifiers including the slapshot pacifier for the aspiring hockey player babies! Of course, this pacifier is only suitable for the high-level NHL hockey player where mouth guards just don't always make it to protect those teeth. This funky hockey pacifier could also make a great gift for those hockey moms and dads to act of a reminder of what their child's mouth might look like if they push them too hard to excel on the ice. (The Hockey Pacifier is no longer available. (Zazzle has some hockey themed pacifiers unfortunately none use the slapshot design.).)

#2 Funky & Funny Baby Fashion - The"I'm not looking" Sleep Cap

Unique Baby SleepcapUnique Baby Sleepcap

This might not be the funkiest fashion, but it sure is funny in kind of a cutesy way. Perfect for the baby that needs a little added shelter when out and about to get through nap time or for those sensitive to the sun. Obviously when shaded under a night cap, you've got no idea what your baby's eyes are doing - so at least with this design you can pretend. The only thing that would make this better? A matching sleep cap for mom with eyes on the back of her head.(See Sleepy Cap)

#3 Freaky & Funny Baby Fashion - Fortune Cookie Socks With Mommy Mantras

Fortune Cookie Baby SocksFortune Cookie Baby Socks

There's nothing new moms and dads love more than their new little ones, but it's tough being a new parent. The lacking sleep sucks, and all parents could use a little mantra to help them get through those periods of kicking and screaming their tiny tots will put them through. These funny fortune cookie socks will be appreciated by mom and dad much more than baby who will simply enjoy the feel of warm tootsies. But with mommy mantras on the bottom of the socks like "you'll soon sleep through the night", even with the tiniest of feet kicking towards the face during a diaper change, mom might crack a smile. Even better are the contained fortune cookies that come with these funny baby socks when the need for a sugar boost hits! 

Via: TrendHunter 

 #4 Freaky & Funky Baby Fashions - Edible Baby Shoes

Edible Baby ShoesEdible Baby Shoes

Baby shoes that can be eaten just seem like a baby idea, after all, babies are known for putting their feet in their mouth (literally), right? Made from food items like cheese, lettuce and more these shoes might give some babies an early introduction to solids. Fortunately, they're really old sold for decorations, but when babies aren't walking yet and it's simply about style, there's no reason why they can't give them a wear, as long as their foot-to-mouth activity is well monitored.

#5 Freaky & Funky Baby Fashions - Backstage Pass Pacifier Leash

Rock Star Pacifier LeashRock Star Pacifier Leash

Whether mom and dad are rockstars or just want to turn their tiny tot into the youngest groupie still in diapers, this is a backstage pass leash that will establish their status as a rockin' baby. The only way it could be improved would be to attach it to a novelty pacifier of the same theme. Watch out mom and dad, if you get one of these as a gift; you'd better watch what you're being accused of. Someone might just be helping your baby become a little bit rock 'n roll, or perhaps they're trying to tell you it's time to pass that rockstar torch onto the next generation. (See Pacifier Leash)

#6 Freaky & Funny Baby Fashion - Sushi Baby Clothes

Sushi Baby ClothesSushi Baby Clothes

What could be more humorous to mom than a constant reminder of the horrible sushi cravings she had while pregnant with the babe who is dressed as the object of her affection? After 9 months of harboring a baby and avoiding sushi for the mercury content, the irony will kill and the baby will look absolutely hilarious even if it's only the wasabi headband that makes a regular appearance as an accessory!

#7 Freaky & Funny Baby Fashion - Extensions for the Bald Baby

Baby Hair ExtensionsBaby Hair Extensions

Some babies are born with tons of hair; others are bald. For the baby who feels self-concious about their baldness, they can become a trendsetter with baby hair extensions. Designed to give bangs and an age-appropriate amount of hair, all held together with a cute little headband; babies can always look their hairiest! They'd just better watch out on those windy days or they might reveal what's really under that comb-over.

#8 Freaky & Funny Baby Fashion - Celebrity Bigs for Babies

Baby Celebrity WigsBaby Celebrity Wigs

While we're on the topic of hair for babies, this is a freaky fashion that's not focused on giving babies what they don't have, exactly, unless a celebrity look happens to be what they lack! Not reserved strictly for babies who are lacking in the hair department, the celebrity wigs for babies will help them get a huge head-start on stardom!

#9 Freaky & Funny Baby Fashion - Chest Hair Tees

Baby Chest Hair TeesBaby Chest Hair Tees

Freaky fashions for babies really do seem to be focused upon hair, and for babies that just want the look well beyond their years; the chest hair tee is perfect. What more is there to say?

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