9 Great Green Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

It will soon by that time of year again to celebrate Mother's Day. If you are debating making your mom a homemade gift or buying her a gift, the choice is yours. I cannot decide that for you. However, I can show you a list of 9 innovative green gift ideas for inspiration. Take a look below to see if any of these idea would make the perfect gift or if they trigger a great DIY idea.


Boogie Board Paperless Notepad

If your mom is always searching for a place to jot down notes, especially during phone calls give her something like this Boogie Board Paperless Notepad. It is similar to an Etch A Sketch. You don't need paper or a pen to write on it. It comes with a writing stylus. Erasing notes is easy with a touch of a button.


Recycled Glass Confetti Tumblers

These gorgeous recycled glass tumbers are hand made blown glass. The colors on these confetti glasses are beautiful and they are of a very high quality making them sturdy, appropriately heavy, and very uniform in thickness. 


Recycled Bicycle Chain Wind Chime

This fun  windchime made from recycled bicycle gears and chains is surprisingly pretty. It's not great as a chime as the noise is not very loud but it is still a fun chime for those who will enjoy the clever design of it.


Organic Culinary Herb Wreath

If your mom likes to cook not because she's a woman but because she loves making people happy with her homemade meals than maybe she would like an herb wreath. This Organic Herb Wreath can be eaten as well as used as décor and an air freshener. So, if you mom wants she can hang it in her kitchen and then clip herbs, as she needs them for the meals she is making. This wreath is made with "organic marjoram, dill, thyme, sage, lavender, anise, cinnamon sticks, and yarrow, our beguiling wreath is accented with chili peppers."


Customized and Personalized Totes

If your mom is a little hesitant about using reusable bags you may convince her with a tote that is personalized just for her like this Customizable Personalized Tote. To make the gift even more special fill it with organic, fair trade and eco-goodies (don't forget the organic fair trade coffee). The tote serves as the reusable gift that carries even more gifts inside.  There are also lots of otehr bag options if the tote is not the perfect bag for mom.

The Bugbuster Wand

If your mom is one of those moms that doesn't like bugs in her house, but doesn't mind them at all outside give her some peace of mind with the Bug Wand. The Bugbuster Wand will help your mom get the bugs in her house outside without having to kill any bugs with harmful chemicals or a fly swatter. All she has to do is aim the wand at the bug, push a button and the bug is sucked into the wand. She can then release it outside.


Plastic Grocery Bag Eco Trash Can

This wonderful eco-friendly trash can allows you to store and reuse the plastic bags that you collect from shopping in a neat, organized way. The can is sleek and small and stores away easily. 


Round Wine Cork Bulletin Board Kit

If your mom likes drinking wine, keepsakes, or would like a unique cork board for her home or office the Round Wine Cork Bulletin Board Kit can be made with her used corks. This kit is made with "eco-friendly mahogany sourced from sustainable tree plantations".


Mosaic Hummer Feeder

This gift is for the mom that likes mosaics, birds, gardening or all three. It is a Mosaic Hummer Feeder and it is made of recycled, crushed glass. The glass is hand -applied so each bird feeder is unique. The feeder has a removable, soft-plastic flower feed ports and can be filled with up to 16 ounces of food.

Whatever gift you give your mom, or the mother of your children, for Mother's Day, don't forget to wrap the gift in recycled paper or put it in a reusable gift bag. Happy Mother's Day!


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Apr 26, 2010
by Toby
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These are cool!

I say! That nasal irrigator looks perfectly civilized!