9 Baby Toys To Light Up Their Little Eyes This Holiday Season

So, it’s that time of year again – time to start thinking about what gifts you are going to give the special people in your life.  If you have a baby on your list of people to buy for then you may be wondering what toys will put a smile on that drooly little mouth.  Here is a countdown of new finds and ever-popular classics to get you started.


9. Playskool Xplore ‘N’ Grow Ball and Gear Centre


With its bright colors, rotating gears and musical sounds, the Playskool Xplore ‘N’ Grow Ball and Gear Centre is sure to grab baby’s attention.  Baby can drop the balls onto the track and watch them glide down the chute before twirling in the bottom.  The oversized button makes it easy for baby to control the movement and sounds and, as the baby grows, the gears can be taken off and used as stacking toys too.


8. I Can Cook


Unlike most of the hundreds of plush toys your baby has likely received, I Can Cook, from Alex Jr. is actually quite inventive.  The toy consists of a shiny, yet soft, cooking pot that is filled with plush, colorful vegetables and soft fabric noodles.  The vegetables make different sounds and the outside of the pot crinkles.


7. Yookidoo Flow 'N' Fill Spout


For bathtime fun there is the Yookidoo Flow 'N' Fill Spout.  This gadget gets attached to the tub and creates a stream of water that can be controlled by baby.  Three interchangeable tumblers make fun water effects including a peek-a-boo friend, propeller and sprinkler.(Update: The Yookidoo is no longer available. This Pour and Float Froggy may be a good alternative.)


6. Haba Curly Knot


There is nothing babies like better than a good toy to chew on, especially if it has different textures and patterns to explore.  The Haba Curly Knot offers just that in a soft, interlocking toy that is easy for little guys to grab and hold onto.


5. Catch Me Car


To help encourage little ones to start moving there is the Catch Me Car by Taf Toys.  This clever toy scoots along the floor for baby to chase.  It also features flashing lights and sounds when the driver is placed in the driver’s seat.


4. Twilight Turtle Constellation NIght Light


A great bedtime buddy is the Twilight Ladybug or Twilight Turtle Constellation NIght Light.  This is not your average night light.  These gentle friends project a starry sky onto any ceiling.  There are three different color settings for each too (blue, amber and green) to help baby drift peacefully off to sleep.  


Now for a couple of classics that still engage babies time and time again.  


3. Jack-In-The-Box


Jack-in-the–Box toys have been around forever and they are still enormously popular baby toys.  You can now get them in pretty much any version you want.  This adorable one by Ernest the Bear features a cheeky Sock Monkey to surprise and amuse little ones.


2. Stacking Rings


Stacking rings like the ones on the Fisher-Price Rock-A-Stack are always a favorite with babies.  They are great for chewing, shaking, wearing and stacking.


1. Shape Sorters


Shape Sorters, like the Playskool Busy Basics Form Fitter, teach colors, hand/eye coordination and shapes and are always fun to shake up and dump out.  No wonder they are still popular with the ankle biter set.

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