9 Most Inventive Flip Flops Of Summer 2009

Summer's coming to a close, and it's time to start reflecting on all of those fond memories of beaches and margaritas, and while we're at it, let's not forget about the fashion. Summer 2009 brought some truly innovative and inventive fashion. A favorite summer staple, the flip flop popped up in a variety of forms that were fashionable, functional and wacky.

#9 Most Inventive Flip Flop - The Fitflop Fitness Sandal


Before Stitches released their brand of running shoe designed to tone the legs and gluts and tighten the abs, Fitflop created a sandal design following the same concept. Fitflops were designed to recreate the feeling of taking a walk in the sand with your bare feet. The Fitflip is available in designs that are suitable for the beach bum or the urban fashionista. Fitflop has recently expanded its empire so it's good for more than just warm climates or the summer season; there are also boots and shoes now available from the line!

#8 Most Inventive Flip Flop - The Yoga Flip Flop

Yoga SandalsYoga Sandals

They might look like flip flops, but these sandals are missing one fundamental element of the flip flop - the motion and the sound! Unlike the Fitflops above which are designed to give you the benefits of exercise while you go about your daily business, the Swamisz Yoga Footwear line offers the comfort and flexibility you need to practice yoga and get in shape! Wearers receive comfort and flexibility since the sandals are only held on by a toe plug and an ankle strap.

Sep 7, 2009
by Anonymous

Love these...

I love the living flipflops and the flipflop mops!