9 Most Inventive Flip Flops Of Summer 2009

#7 Most Inventive Flip Flop - The Living Flip Flop

Living SandalsLiving Sandals

This summer Krispy Kreme gave away living flip flops to their customers with the intent of giving stressed out urban commuters an element of green space for rejuvenation. These flip flops were the first living grass sandals with more than 5,000 blades of grass built into the sole of every shoe.

#6 Most Inventive Flip Flop - Flip Flop Socks

Flip Flop SocksFlip Flop Socks

Despite the comfort you receive from flip flops when your feet have the opportunity to be free, some rather new or old can cause blisters and rub between your toes or the top of your foot. Since you can't very well go against that old fashion faux pas of wearing socks with sandals in flip flops, someone decided to create the thong sock!  Olympia T-Tongs come in 10 different colors and can be customized with beads and other sock accessories.  

#5 Most Inventive Flip Flop - Flip Flop Drink Holders

Flip Flop Cup HolderFlip Flop Cup Holder

When you go to the beach, it's hard to find a good place to put your drink down, so Tomasso Colio created a stylish flip flop that doubles as a drink holder. Now when you go to the beach, you can take your shoes off to feel the sand between your toes and instead use your sandal for your drink.

#4 Most Inventive Flip Flop - Flip Flop Mop

Flip Flop MopFlip Flop Mop

These might not be stylish to wear out of the house, but they sure are good for quick clean up in your home to deal with messes and spills. With the Flip Flop Mop, you no longer need to worry about bending over to clean up after yourself. This is one fashion that's definitely for the lazy homemaker. They're not for sale yet, but as part of a design project, hopefully they will come available soon.

Sep 7, 2009
by Anonymous

Love these...

I love the living flipflops and the flipflop mops!