9 Most Inventive Flip Flops Of Summer 2009

#3 Most Inventive Flip Flop - Drink Dispensing Flip Flops

Reef Dram SandalsReef Dram Sandals

The Reef Dram Sandals are perfect for a trip to the beach. They contain an inner tube that allows wearers to slyly stash their favorite drink and take it with them everywhere they go. This is one fashion perfect for the alcoholic who tries to hide their addiction, because the flip flop itself is so nondescript, no one would ever suspect a thing!

#2 Most Inventive Flip Flop - Metal Detecting Flip Flops

Metal Detector Flip FlopsMetal Detector Flip Flops

These flip flops are ideal for beachwear, and for those who love to hunt for buried treasure in the sand, they're in luck because these flip flops have metal detector technology built right in. The battery pack straps to your calf, so it's not necessarily the most discreet, but once you find your fortune any other beach goers will be nothing but jealous!

#1 Most Inventive Flip Flop - Purse Flip Flops

Purse Flip FlopsPurse Flip Flops

When hitting the beach, it's hard to know where to put your keys, your identification and your credit card, especially if you're a lady who is lacking pockets on her swimwear. Like the drink dispensing flip flops, this unique design is by Reef Brazil, and it has a drawer built into the heel for onboard storage. This might not be the flip flop with the most inventive or innovative design compared to those listed above; but based on it's practical function, it's my personal favorite!

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Sep 7, 2009
by Anonymous

Love these...

I love the living flipflops and the flipflop mops!