9 Powerful Red Cross Ads from Around the World

The Red Cross uses advertising  to promote awareness about the needs of the world and the needs of your local area. They work to stress the importance of volunteers, of donating blood and donating financially to the causes that really matter. Here are my picks for some of their best :


1. Know What To Do - Canada

In order to ask guests "would you know what to do?" the Red Cross placed these stickers in public areas.

Source: luon.blog

2. Snow Globe - Pakistan

In order to ask for donations to help those in need during the winter, a local Red Cross in Pakistan used these ads.


3. Copycat - South Africa

Because of the success of the Amnesty International campaign, Red Cross has taken the same idea to say "It's not happening here but it's happening now."

Source: Daily Awesome

4. Before and After Corneal Surgery - Mexico

This ad was for the transplant center looking for corneal donations. It was used on postcards, outdoor posters, posters in hospitals and inserts in the local media.

Source: Ads of the World

5. Donors Wanted - India

What a moving campaign...these empty colorless objects shown without their normal life and color pull on the heart strings of those viewing the print ads created for the Indian Red Cross.















Source: Ads of the World

6. Outdoor Ads - Mexico

This series of cartoon/stick figure outdoor ads ran throughout Mexico this past year.

Source: Elzr

7. Empty - South Africa

In one thought provoking campaign, the Red Cross passed out empty water bottles that read, "Try living on this for three days."

Source: Wired

8. Earthquake Alarm System - San Fransisco, USA

Fake Earthquake Early Warning System alarms (a riff on the Tsunami early warning systems that have been implemented in the Pacific) were installed to promote being aware of earthquakes .

Source: Wired

9. Bag Your Blood - China

In attempt to get more volunteers to donate blood, these bags were used to represent actual blood bags connected to your arm.

Source: Ads of the World

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Amy Gifford
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Oct 15, 2007
by Bruce Burtch (not verified)

Mislabeling of Red Cross ads

We are thrilled that three of the nine promotional concepts featured here are part of the same campaign: "What do we have to do to get your attention?" developed by the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter and Publicis & Hal Riney Advertising.  The ad # 3 was certainly not a copycat of an Amnesty International campaign, it was indeed a two-sided mobile billboard depicting the San Francisco Ferry Building and on the other side, Marketing Street, in the aftermath of an 8.0 earthquake. And this was the San Fancisco Bay Area, not South Africa. The same with # 7 and number #8. So Thanks for the notice, with or without the correct locations.

Mar 3, 2008
by Anonymous

red cross

The red cross is a very self serving organization