9 Super Cool Clocks That Make Great Design Gifts

No one can afford to "watch the clock" all day, but we do look look at our wall clocks often...  These wall clocks will update a room's decor with a fresh modern look and give it new personality - one that matches your very cool giftee.


1. Salvador Dali Surreal Clock

Based on the unique painting of the famous 20th Century Spanish artist Salvador Dali, the Persistence of Memory, a quirky friend, with an artistic bent would be a perfect giftee.  Modern Metal Salvador Dali Wall Clock


Salvador Dali Wall ClockSalvador Dali Wall Clock


2. Optical Illusion Wall Clock

Swiss designer Thomas Buchheim created the Ultra Flat Wall Clock for Kikkerland, and the beautiful illusion that the clock has facets at different levels is created by the grayscale spectrum.  In fact, the Ultra Flat Wall Clock, Grayscale is one of the flattest clocks in the world.  It ticks silently too.


Ultra Flat Wall Clock: by Thomas Buchheim for KikkerlandUltra Flat Wall Clock: by Thomas Buchheim for Kikkerland


3. Engineer's Wall Clock

Just what your engineering friends will love: a clock with gears that actually move. And the gears move independently of the clock.  This is a fairly heavy clock, about 5 pounds, so make sure there's a secure wall behind it.  The Gear Wall Clock is made of nickel and plastic.


Gear Wall ClockGear Wall Clock


4.  Secret Spy Wall Clock

Watching your family, friends, and pets as they saunter about the house unaware they are being watched.  If they catch you looking at the mirror, you can always say you were just checking the time.  Spy-Mirrored Wall Clock


Spy-Mirrored Wall ClockSpy-Mirrored Wall Clock


5.  MoMA Timesphere Wall Clock

Gideon Degan designed this clock for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  But how beautiful in its starkness, the MoMA Timesphere Wall Clock gives the impression that there must be some unseen action keeping that little red ball afloat.  I suggest that this clock be given to a minimalist, a non-collector, with very functional needs.


MoMA Timesphere Wall Clock: by Gideon Gegan for MoMAMoMA Timesphere Wall Clock: by Gideon Gegan for MoMA



6.  Diamantini & Domeniconi Cuckoo Clock

This gorgeous Italian-designed Striped Cuckoo Clock should be ordered pronto if desired for Christmas, as the closest store that sells the Diamantini & Domeniconi Cuckoo Clocks is across the Atlantic in Britain.  Diamantini & Domeniconi specializes in telling time in very special ways, so be prepared to pay a bit more for this designer clock.  


Diamantini & Domeniconi Cuckoo ClockDiamantini & Domeniconi Cuckoo Clock



7. Final Frontiers Wall Clock

Keep time to the future as earth folks continue to explore the universe.  White upon black, the vibrant orange sun in the center, and the bright silver hands of the clock create a lot of fascinating contrasts... plus, the clock helps to keep things in perspective.  Solar System Modern Wall Clock.  


Solar System Wall ClockSolar System Wall Clock



8.  Art Deco Wall Clock

This 30" Art Deco Clock will definitely add notice to your decor.  It is a great representation of the Art Deco period with a modern twist. The design is iron and is cast in a silver finish.  The clock has quartz movement, metal hands, and a see through design. (Update: This item is no longer available. Other Art Deco Wall Clocks are available here.)


Art Deco Wall ClockArt Deco Wall Clock



9.  Artisan Kitchen Wall Clock

This lovely artisan Coffee Cup Wall Clock is quaint, rather than modern, but it will work in a modern kitchen.  (Every decor needs juxtaposition.) It is handmade of wood, metal, and pewter, as well as a gorgeous mix of paints. It's part coffee shop, part kitchen, and can be nicely hung at the level of a wall table or above, very flexibly.  (Update: This item is no longer available. Other adorable coffee cup clocks are here on Amazon.)


Coffee Cup Wall ClockCoffee Cup Wall Clock


And watch the time; Christmas is just days away!



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