Top 9 Sexy And Strange Shoes: Tall & Crazy Heels And Platform Shoe Designs

 If you haven't heard enough about shoes, and let's face it, that's not exactly possible, here are some of the craziest shoe designs that we've come across recently. Many of them are scandalously tall, and unique in design. They're fun to look at, but you might need a dose of bravery to actually wear some of these unique shoe designs.

9. Modern Platforms

Modern PlatformsModern Platforms

These aren't your typical heels or platforms, and they don't just provide height they're sure to get you noticed with their modern and even futuristic design. With the clear straps, it will look like you're balancing precariously atop the geometrical shoes strictly by the influence of gravity.

This might be a more modern look when it comes to platforms, but somehow, they don't have the classiest feel to them - consider them an upgrade for those who walk the streets.

8. Cartoon Heels

Cartoon HeelsCartoon Heels

These whimsical and light-hearted shoes have a vintage feel with the Betty and Veronica comic strip artwork all across the platform. While those two cartoon fashion divas, Veronica in particular, might never have been caught dead in a design like this, we can only hope she'd proudly be the inspiration for a unique fashion design.

These shoes are by fashion designer Angeline Tournier, and with the bright red patent straps, they're both fun and stylish, and would certainly look hot with a little black dress; adding a pop of the unexpected!

The cartoon heels are available exclusively through the designers website!

7. Sexy Heart Heels

Sexy Heart HeelsSexy Heart Heels

These sexy heart heels are sky high at 7.5 inches and the center of the platform features a glitzy and glamorous heart. These shows feature a design that might be better reserved for the bedroom, and while that might not be exactly what Karos Shoes is going for, they were aiming for sexy. Ideal for the holiday loving fashionista, these shoes will provide height and theme!

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Jan 7, 2010
by Anonymous

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