Top 9 Sexy And Strange Shoes: Tall & Crazy Heels And Platform Shoe Designs

 If you haven't heard enough about shoes, and let's face it, that's not exactly possible, here are some of the craziest shoe designs that we've come across recently. Many of them are scandalously tall, and unique in design. They're fun to look at, but you might need a dose of bravery to actually wear some of these unique shoe designs.

9. Modern Platforms

Modern PlatformsModern Platforms

These aren't your typical heels or platforms, and they don't just provide height they're sure to get you noticed with their modern and even futuristic design. With the clear straps, it will look like you're balancing precariously atop the geometrical shoes strictly by the influence of gravity.

This might be a more modern look when it comes to platforms, but somehow, they don't have the classiest feel to them - consider them an upgrade for those who walk the streets.

8. Cartoon Heels

Cartoon HeelsCartoon Heels

These whimsical and light-hearted shoes have a vintage feel with the Betty and Veronica comic strip artwork all across the platform. While those two cartoon fashion divas, Veronica in particular, might never have been caught dead in a design like this, we can only hope she'd proudly be the inspiration for a unique fashion design.

These shoes are by fashion designer Angeline Tournier, and with the bright red patent straps, they're both fun and stylish, and would certainly look hot with a little black dress; adding a pop of the unexpected!

The cartoon heels are available exclusively through the designers website!

7. Sexy Heart Heels

Sexy Heart HeelsSexy Heart Heels

These sexy heart heels are sky high at 7.5 inches and the center of the platform features a glitzy and glamorous heart. These shows feature a design that might be better reserved for the bedroom, and while that might not be exactly what Karos Shoes is going for, they were aiming for sexy. Ideal for the holiday loving fashionista, these shoes will provide height and theme!

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6. Swavorski Shoes

Swavorski Shoes 1Swavorski Shoes 1

These shoes from Casadei's 2009/2009 Fall & Winter collection scream luxury. Each of the designs are made from satin and are embellished with hundreds of authentic Swavorski crystals, creating a glitzy, glamorous, yet still classy look. Naturally, at $800 to $1200 a pop, these are for the real shoe lover who requires a shoe for every occasion; but they are sure to be the most noticed accessory of any outfit when worn. The shoes come in a variety of styles and colors to complement any wardrobe or outfit choice.

Swavorski Shoes 2Swavorski Shoes 2

5. Statuesque Sandals

Statuesque SandalsStatuesque Sandals

These sexy statuesque sandals are from the Christian Dior Spring 2009 collection. From afar, they look like a luxury sandal perfectly suited for a night at a classy club, but upon closer examination it's obvious there's a little added pop of sex appeal added to the accessory. On each of the shoe designs, the heel is a statue of a nude, full-figured goddess. The design is bridging on scandalous but with the class of a historical statue that somehow manages to maintain some level of modesty even while being on show.

4. Chain Link Shoes

Chain Link ShoesChain Link Shoes

The rocker look might be in right now with fashionistas that follow the trends, but these chain link shoes might just be going a little bit to the extreme. These shoes which boast a unique design won the 2009 Shoemania Design Competition, and while they're not actually wearable in this concept, perhaps they will inspire a design that is; maybe the same chain design within a clear plastic platform?

3. Flower Vase Shoes

Flower Vase ShoesFlower Vase Shoes

These shoes appeared on the runways during the debut of Scherer Gonzalez's Spring line. They're fresh and funky, and while they might be hard to find for retail, they offer a fresh and funky vibe that puts a twist on that old fishbowl shoe look. The shoe design definitely has a spring feel, but if you're in a warmer climate, you can freshen things up a little for the fall and winter season as well.

2. Highest Shoes Ever

Highest Shoes EverHighest Shoes Ever

These shoes appeared in a recent edition of French Vogue and are possibly the highest shoes ever. Really, what more is there to say about them, but if you're afraid of heights, you better take some anti-anxiety medicine before taking them out on the town.

1. Wrap Around Shoes

Wrap Around ShoesWrap Around Shoes

This unique shoe is a design concept only, but it just might take off for those who like a little bit of freedom in their footwear. These shoes wrap around the foot and have no real soles, and they certainly come with a unique look. These Mojito Shoes by Jillian Hakes just might be a new trend we'll see on the runways and on the streets!

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Jan 7, 2010
by Anonymous

Savorski Shoes?

Try Swarovski.