9 Unique Halloween Costumes Inspired By The News And Media This Decade

Halloween is right around the corner, and if you still don't have a great idea for a unique costume, you'd better start working fast. Here are Inventor Spot, we've covered Halloween costumes from a number of perspectives, from the hilarious to the terrifying, to those that make you gag. To put a little twist on things, I've created a list of costumes that come from the inspiration of the top media and pop culture events that have taken place in the new millennium. These costumes weren't necessarily the most popular ones used for dress up each year outlined, but they sure would have gotten people talking and given attention hogs their own piece of the media frenzy!

2009's Media Inspired Halloween Costume - The Swine Flu

Swine Flu Halloween CostumeSwine Flu Halloween Costume

2009 has been a big year for irrelevant media stories so far. With the Gosselins from Jon & Kate Plus 8 making major news headlines, and the Balloon Boy hoax capturing hearts and inspiring anger in people all over the world. Of course, one of the biggest events in pop culture also took place this year, with the unfortunate early demise of Michael Jackson...but what's consistently made major news headlines this year has been The Swine Flu.

This Swine Flu costume is sure to get a few laughs, with the pig nose, nurses outfit and box of Kleenex, but I'm not quite sure where the wings come in. Nonetheless, if you want to make a mockery of one of the bigger news events of the year, this Swine Flu costume kit just might be for you!

2008's Media Inspired Halloween Costume -  Miley Cyrus & Hannah Montana  

Miley Cyrus Vanity FairMiley Cyrus Vanity Fair

Sadly, one of the bigger news headlines in 2008 revolved around a Vanity Fair picture of Miley Cyrus that was rather revealing and lewd for the young Disney star, at least according to outraged parents and the media. This story certainly didn't fade very quickly, with everyone giving their own take!

Hannah Montana Halloween CostumeHannah Montana Halloween Costume

While you certainly might not be encouraging your daughter to dress up in imitation of the scandalous cover this Halloween, Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus costumes haven't decreased in popularity with young girls, even in the wake of all this controversy. To get in on the media hype of 2008 with your costume, create your own Halloween garb inspired by Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana or go with one of the many prefabricated costume ideas.