Ameba: New Shapes in Lighting



Designed by Pete Sans for Vibia, Ameba is a modular hanging light structure with a size and shape that are totally customizable.

In what might be a bit of hyperbole, Vibia's site states that the five different shapes which form the basis of the structure can be combined into an "infinite" range of compostions, limited only by one's imagination.

Available in granite grey or matte white lacquer, Ameba's five sections join neatly and easily, with design options ranging from a single 30x50 cm pendant light to a structure that could span over 10 meters squared!  

Additionally, the sections are wired to each other so only one is needed, and the power cord can be connected to any of the sections, depending on the's location in the ceiling.

Light is diffused through both the top and bottom of the structure, providing nice indirect illumination.  



Certainly not for every home, Ameba makes a huge design statement that is bold, thoroughly modern and tailored to fit the consumer's needs. 

Vibia Design via Totonko via Notcot