Riding the Wave: Fluxus Light Installation


Fresh from heavyweight desinger Karim Rashid and his collaborator Michela Vianello, this wild glass and light installation entitled 'Fluxus' comes to adorn the White Gallery, a lifestyle store opening this October in Rome. Though not much information is available about the collaboration, Rashid apparently masterminded the interlocking knit pattern while Vianello envisioned the larger shape of the fluid, overhanging wave. 


In what appears to be an intricate, chainmail-looking grid, 42,000 handmade glass elements squarely lock together to comprise this movement-infused suspended light structure.  Covering 60- square meters, 5,000 punctiform micro lights are evenly distributed internally throughout the wave to provide softly lit, three-dimensional ambience. The Murano glass knit element also embodies a gradual passage from black to white, continuing on with the overall theme of fluidity and movement through to the color palette.

Word has it that this piece of work took two years of research and seven months of practical development to bring it fully into being, manufactured by Italian manufacturer, Andromeda International. 

Via Core 77