Cassette's Not Dead! Funky Lighting from Ooomydesign


Seemingly a thing of the distant past, the iconic Sony Walkman cassette player used to be the way of toting one's tunes while on the go, short from hoisting a ghetto blaster atop your shoulder.  Now, it's hardly conceivable to listen to music generated by anything larger than the size of a credit card. To make use of these fine, albeit bulky pieces of memorabilia,  designer Vanesa Moreno has crafted a series of cassette tape lamps for ooomydesign.


Linked together by plastic ties, these lamps are available in table and floor versions, and are sure to lend a kitschy and ambient glow of yesteryear to any room. As an extra perk, they can be interchangeable with any Stevie Nicks or Pink Floyd you might have hidden away, and are also still in listening condition.

According to designer Moreno accepts donations and is also open to bartering lamps for a collection of  tapes to keep her craft alive and help her expand into the realm of tables and other cassette furniture.  Neato.

 Ooomydesign via Inhabit