A 4-Door Keonigsegg for 2010

Koenigsegg has been making high end supercars for long enough to know what their customers want. Usually, that means some of the most beautifully designed high-horsepower vehicles. However, Keonigsegg also wanted to make a more "practical" supercar, you know...for the whole family.

First off, I don't think practical and supercar go very well together...that being said, the design is loosely based on the current CCX. The only real difference being the additional 2 doors Koenigsegg plans on adding to the blueprint.

The car has been under development for about 2 years and as of now it is still in clay model form. Some additional investments are needed before planning can continue. They are looking to the Gulf for most of the needed funding.

The 4-door will not have the same 4.7 liter V8 providing power, but it will still be putting 700 ponies to the ground without any problems. Sadly, we don't know very much about the V8 they plan on using to motivate the new vehicle. Engineers are estimating a top speed of 350kph which is about 217.5 miles per hour.

The exterior will feature some of the same lines and design cues as the CCX, but the overall design will be very different. The body will be made of carbon fiber to keep the weight to a minimum and the suspension will be designed to handle slightly heavier loads, for obvious reasons.


"The four-door will be slightly cheaper than the CCX, and we hope to build 70-80 cars a year," said Andreas Petre, Koenigsegg's Dubai manager. He is expecting the US to account for 50 percent of the sales, while Asia picks up 30 percent, and the Middle East the final 20 percent.

The first 4-door Koenigsegg should hit the states by next year. The real question is how you will talk your significant other into letting you drive the kids to school after you land one of these.

Via : Car Middle East