A Baby Monitor That Lets You Rest Easy

First time parents worry about everything, especially if their baby is safe at night. Rookie moms and dads often find themselves restless and sleep-deprived, as they indulge their compulsion to continuously check on their child until morning. Now with Angelcare© Movement Sensor , parents can rest as easily as their infant.

Safety and Security At a Reasonable PriceSafety and Security At a Reasonable Price

Using a small sensor pad that goes under your baby’s mattress, the pad detects every single movement. If there is no movement detected for 20 seconds, the Angelcare Movement Sensor pad sends an alert to your hand held unit, which you can take with you wherever you go. Countless parents have received comfort and peace of mind by using this innovative baby monitor, watching over your child all through the night.

Ultra-Sensitive Sensor Pad DesignUltra-Sensitive Sensor Pad Design

All that you need to make the monitor work is a crib with a hard, flat surface. Place the sensor pad directly under the mattress and let your little one sleep. That’s all you have to do! Since the units that come along with the sensor pad double as a standard monitor as well, there is no need to buy two different models.

Baby Sleeping Safe and SoundBaby Sleeping Safe and Sound

Angelcare © Sensor Monitor is available at many websites like Amazon , as well as in popular baby stores such as Babies R Us and Target.

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