A Certified Pre-Owned...Lamborghini??

Somewhere on most peoples' "5 Cars I Must Own Before Dying" list you will find a Lamborghini, and with good reason. Sadly, most people (me included) will never get the chance to own one of these amazing machines. However, Lamborghini is upping your chances by developing a certified pre-owned program.

"The certified pre-owned program will be launched worldwide, starting in the U.S. and Europe," according to Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Automobili Lamborghini. "We are now facing discussions with our dealers to work out the details." Vehicles will only be available through dealerships and any advertising for specific pricing will have to be put through Lamborghini, Bologna, Italy.

The program is a very smart move according to many market analysts. Ferrari, the prime competitor to Lamborghini, has offered a pre-owned program for almost 5 years and has been doing very well with it. By implementing the program, Lamborghini will also be able to reduce the wait time when buying a vehicle. Instead of buying brand new and having to wait 12-18 months for delivery, you can get a slightly used one right on the spot. I think that's a fair trade. Time will tell.

Hat Tip : Brandweek