A Cushie And Cozy Potty For The Road

Family vacations and road trips come up during the holiday season and beyond, and when you're in the middle of toilet training a little one, leaving the familiar routine of home can quickly become a nightmare. The trust you have instilled in your child in regards to the fun and safe haven that is your family bathroom gives way to ominous looking truck stop toilets and less than ideal hygienic situations. This is why the Cushie Traveler Folding Potty Seat is so helpful for frustrated families filled with fear – both for the health and well being of their kids in public restrooms, as well as for the consistency they have tried so hard to maintain in regards to potty time.

Squishy seat for little bottomsSquishy seat for little bottoms

This potty seat is padded to make it comfortable for tiny bottoms, while the thick cushioning adds safety by preventing slips and falls while your kid is taking care of business. Unlike other travel potty seats, the soft folds in the fabric eliminates the common issue of pinched bottoms, and it easily folds up small enough to take anywhere. Throw in a washable carrying bag, and you’re all set for bathroom breaks on the road.


This product is available on a variety of websites, including Potty Training Concepts and Amazon , for an extremely reasonable price. So be sure to include this on your next vacation packing list, and save yourself some stress!


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Oct 27, 2008
by Anonymous


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