A Lighting Designer In A Dark Place With A Sense Of Humor

Environment can have a great impact on a designer's work. Take Ali Siahvoshi, who grew up in Iran, where it is very sunny. After moving to Britain, where it is not very sunny, Siahvoshi began designing lighting. Not just any lighting, but spirited, humorous lighting, many from objects you don't expect to see in a lamp... like funnels, and tableware, and recycled wire hangers, for example.


1. Hungry Chandelier

Siahvoshi uses recycled cutlery to surround his light source. Unexpected?


2. Funnel Lighting

Here, Siahvoshi poses with his Funnel lamp. Yes, it is made with many funnels. And it's funny too, don't you think?

3. Cascading Hanger Chandelier

The Cascading Hanger, an installation at a design show, is made with hundreds of recycled wire hangers and blue tube lights! Siahvoshi makes a smaller version of the Hanger for sale.

4. Rewiring Chandelier

A different take on the Hanger chandelier, this time with a central, white light source.


5. Floating Robert Light

A very creative use for recycled umbrellas. Who's Robert? No idea.

6. Table Lamp

Oooh! The Table Lamp makes me laugh out loud! What a surprise!

7. Floor Lamp

Now, where else would a floor lamp be? And these parts and pieces were just waiting for a project.

I found these designs delightful! If you would like to learn more about Ali Siahvoshi or order any of his lighting designs, please visit his website.

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Jul 9, 2008
by Anonymous


good like the umbrellas, but the seventh "floor lamp" needs paint on the lampfoot or a "lampfoot cover" thing. Otherwise that was kinda good too.