A Desk Where Imagination And Organization Click

If you’re a parent to an artistic toddler, chances are you’ll love the way a P’Kolino Klick desk will fit into your family’s creative living arrangement.


It may rival IKEA in style and appearance, but the P’Kolino Klick desk is handcrafted in the USA and is perfect for families with small children who love to create. This highly intelligent desk design boasts an unusually large amount of storage space for books, puzzles and art supplies for kids aged three to seven. The included padded seat reaches up to 12” high, allowing the set to grow with a child both physically in stature, and mentally as he matures and begins to stash different creations and treasures inside.

This desk is as creative as your child's imaginationThis desk is as creative as your child's imagination

With everything stashed inside of the seat, the desk can be flipped on its side and the two pieces can be clicked together, taking up a minimal amount of space in your little one’s room. You’ll love the convenience, and your child’s imagination will love how his furniture fits together like a perfect puzzle piece.

A klick desk coordinates with any roomA klick desk coordinates with any room

The P’Kolino Klick desk comes in three color options (orange, red and green), and can hold up to 30 lbs of weight. Check out the company’s official website for purchasing options and a demo video.