A Fighter Jet Inspired Jet Trike

Not everyone can fly a jet fighter. But if you put your mind and wallet to it, you can come close. Which is exactly what Rich Hanner of Philadelphia, PA decided to do. The final result was a Jet-Trike modeled after an F-14 Tomcat that turns more than a few heads.

Project "Frisbee" took about 13 months to fully complete and has a list of neat little features. The canopy is lifted and lowered by a hydraulic mechanism and give the driver and single passenger a "birds-eye view" of traffic. Air-conditioning was a must have as well as a fully adjustable wing-span that maxes out at a full 15ft. Obviously the latter being for shows only.

The front end is originally from a Honda Motorcycle and the rear from an Acura Sedan. The powerplant was also borrowed from the Acura. The instrument cluster came from an actual jet along with some of the other interior parts.

When asked why he built "Project Frisbee," Hanner said he "make it just for the heck of it."





From : NBC10-Local News

May 23, 2008
by Anonymous


Now he feels like Tom Cruise in Top Gun I guess :-))