Perfect Design For A Portable Home Office: The Home Office Trike

For many, working at home means a laptop on the kitchen table. No desk, no drawers to keep our papers or computer peripherals... just a table and a laptop that needs to be cleared off for meal times. The Home Office Trike was made for work-at-homers who don't have an actual office. Check out what this portable work station affords....

Manufactured in Europe for Deeply Madly Living, the Home Office Trike is made of plywood, with a leather top and stainless steel legs, wheels, and hardware. Closed, the 20" by 16" by 28" is compact and easy to pull on its three-wheels by a pulley handle at the top.


This compact office on wheels stores your laptop, peripherals, paper files, and whatever writing tools and small gadgets that you would keep near your office desk, with six drawers and a top compartment for storing your laptop.




Storage is one thing, but usage is another. The lid of the Home Office Trike turns into a pull-out platform for laptop usage. If you work with a peripheral mouse, there's even a mouse platform. Connect, and you're ready to go!


With the Home Office Trike, you can work from anywhere in your home, even on a porch or patio. All you need is a connection or, like me, a very long cable wire!

Check out the Home Office Trike at Deeply Madly Living.