A Multi-Functional Hearing Aid That Makes You Really Happy!

This man is jumping for joy. He can hear all the sounds in his environment, just like fully-hearing people can. He can also wirelessly connect to his mp3 player, watch TV, and make and receive cell phone calls... all through his hearing aid!

As Phonak, the maker of his Exélia™ hearing aid, suggests, the picture represents the joy that comes from finally experiencing a full life.

Phonak , one of the finest sound technology companies in the world, makes some of the finest amplification devices for hearing-impaired persons. Always outdoing itself, Phonak's latest model, the Exélia, is going to be a hard one to top.

Style-wise, Exélia continues its fashion statement as it does with the Audéo. Although your style selection may depend on the severity of your hearing loss, the bluetooth device-like around-the-ear-aids are smart and sleek and come in 16 colors, and the in-the-ear-aids, are practically invisible.

Exélia™ Ear Piece Options (please do not copy)Exélia™ Ear Piece Options (please do not copy)


Practically, Exélia promises to bring three previously unmet standards to its users: performance, control, and connectivity.

Performance: Those who've worn hearing aids know well the typical mechanical problems with them. First, hearing aids enhance all sound; not just the ones that are close to you or the ones you want to hear. When a dog is barking in the next yard and you can't hear the person sitting five feet away from you, that can be frustrating, to say the least. And there are other annoyances, like screeching feedback from the aid's microphone into the speaker.

The little Exélia embodies a wonderland of new technologies by Phonak to address those problems. Among the many that Exélia incorporates comes voice signal optimization, feedback cancellation, suppression of echoes, wind sound management, and the suppression of high impact sudden sounds such as a dish breaking or a doorbell ringing... sounds that would be amplified disproportionately by customary hearing aids. All of these technological feats are accomplished seamlessly and automatically, intuitively, by the Exélia. This is the smartest hearing aid you're going to find!


Control: But if you want to adjust these functions yourself, Exélia offers an accessory that gives you that control called myPilot, the "command center for Exélia." myPilot provides information about all aspects of your hearing aid, including battery power, volume, and direction of sound. In addition, myPilot gives you complete directionality control, so you can focus on hearing what you want instead of what your hearing aid selects for you. For example, let's say that you are driving and your hearing aid is amplifying sound coming from in front of you (most hearing aids are set up that way), but someone is speaking to you from the back seat... You can use the Noise Zoom feature of myPilot to focus on the sound coming from behind you.


iCom DeviceiCom DeviceConnectivity: The iCom, Exélia's second accessory, takes connectivity to an entirely new level for people with hearing impairments. From hands-free binaural cell phone capability to FM music and TV sound, the iCom makes any bluetooth-enabled technology accessible to hearing impaired persons.

As someone who has worked with hearing impaired persons of all ages and degrees of impairment, I know the Exélia will open doors for many. The cost (around $8000 for the hearing aids, myPilot and iCom) may be prohibitive for some, but many hearing impaired persons report that expanding the Audéo aids with accessories has helped them to expand their audio lives, so check out different on-line conversations on the subject such as HearingAidForums.com. It's always helpful to communicate with other hearing aid users, especially those in your own age bracket, as well as to hearing aid dealers and specialists. Definitely visit the Exélia tour; it takes about 50 minutes, but is a thorough look at what your $8000 would pay for!

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