A Mustang Concept Reborn

Genius ideas sometimes come from the strangest places and SEMA has a way of bringing these out in force. This year, the perfect example of this is a replica of Mach III Mustang that was not put together by anyone normally associated with automotive production or customization.


The brain behind this beautiful creation was none other than Dave "Gumball Wizard" Haymond. That's right, the same brilliant mind that created the giant plastic dome filled with chewy goodness that dispenses into a spiral ramp and right into the hands of a waiting child, has designed his own custom Mustang.

The original Mach III Mustang Concept never made it into production and only 2 were ever built. Haymond solved this issue by taking a stock 1995 Mustang Convertible and building his own to the factory specs. He is now giving the public a chance to own of these amazing custom creations.

As stated earlier, the build begins with a 1995 Mustang donor car. It is then taken completely apart and all the pieces are checked for defects and rust. One everything has been inspected, the old body panels are discarded and a new fiberglass body is fabricated and set into place. The fascia and bumper inserts are painted black and also installed. The interior is also reworked into something more fitting for a Mach II Mustang.

There are also a handful of upgrades that are available at an extra cost depending on what you like, including a 396 horsepower engine upgrade, a full carbon fiber body and 20 inch chrome wheels. If you want more than 396ponies, there is also a GT500 engine upgrade available that will get you the high performance engine and anew 6-speed transmission.

The price for the base model is $48,000 and the upgrades are all individually priced. The GT500 upgrade is an extra $18,000 over the base price, coming out to $66,000. Which really isn't that bad for a car that only a handful of people will ever own.

Concept 3