Aging Skin? A New Stem Cell Rejuvenation Cream In The Pipeline

Some say that the first 1000 year-old person is already alive! If I am that person, I sure don't want to have 1,000 year old skin! Heck, I don't even want 50 year-old skin! Maybe a new stem cell cream will keep my skin as young as my uh... body.

Although a few stem cell rejuvenation creams are already available in the U.S. skincare market, an up-and-comer, made by Korean company RNL Bio may soon be upstaging them. What is different about this cream?

RNL Bio says that its new cream, derived from stem cells of human placentas, will encourage faster regeneration of skin cells than its predecessors. Rather than using liquefied placentas, boiled to about 220 degrees (F), RNL Bio uses the active cells of natural placenta that are more efficient in stimulating the skin. While the cream will not contain actual stem cells, human proteins found in the cells will be used.

RNL Bio is already working on an agreement with Proctor & Gamble® to market the cream, that has been approved by U.S. watchdog, the Personal Care Products Council . The company is anticipating that the impact of the new stem cell cream will be "explosive." We hope so!

RNL Bio's research and development is working on a number of other products, non-cosmetic in nature:

Lipostem-Femoran - Cell therapy for curing hip joint fracture.
Lipostem-DM - Cell Therapy for curing diabetes mellitus.
Astrostem - Cell therapy for curing spiral cord injury.
Cancerstem - Cell therapy for curing cancer.
Serum free medium for stem cell proliferation.

(RNL Bio has recently become famous for cloning pets at the cost of a fortune to pet owners. This cloning is actually conducted by professors at the Seoul National University, the group that cloned the dogs featured in Lady Bee's Pet Blog, Dogs Cloned For Drug Sniffing Jobs.)


via The Korea Times. Sources: CBS News, Los Angeles Times, RNL Bio.

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