A New Town in the Sky for London

London is booming- so much in fact that estimates show the city will need to provide enough housing for almost 100,000 people every year up to 2016. Rather than grow out, architects have come up with a radical idea- grow up. It’s called the New Town Tower. The idea is to put 100,000 people inside a single tower, complete with parks, public squares, schools and hospitals.
Super Tower London: The view of the proposed Super TowerSuper Tower London: The view of the proposed Super Tower
The New Town Tower will be as high as the clouds- literally. Plans have the tower reaching 1500 meters high. The architects behind the concept and design are Popularchitecture of London . They say the tower allows for a massive intensification of the city without the need for dramatic alteration of London’s existing fabric. London’s well-known parks and open spaces will be preserved while satisfying the need for development.
Super Tower Ice Rink: Super Tower Ice RinkSuper Tower Ice Rink: Super Tower Ice Rink
The tower really will be a city within a city. A single floor will hold 600 people. A “village” will encompass 20 floors and have about six-thousand residents. The tower is then divided into three “super-districts” of 33,000 people. Each “super-district” would have democratically elected representatives in local government and the entire tower would have one representative in the houses of parliament.
Super Tower: Super Tower viewSuper Tower: Super Tower view
Architects would plan to build the tower in stages, twenty stories at a time. That way it can be inhabited while it’s being built. The goal is to reduce movement throughout London by condensing living, working, and entertainment facilities within a single location.

Super Tower: Super Tower outsideSuper Tower: Super Tower outside

Oct 3, 2008
by Anonymous

Viablility of a 1500m building

Unless you have anti-aircraft batteries, think again.