Elounda Beach- A Piece of Paradise

In life's most stressful moments, if you've ever tried to close your eyes and imagine a peaceful, luxurious place where the only thing more blue than the sky is the sea, this might help. Elounda Beach is the kind of destination you expect Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to jet off to. It's on the Greek island of Crete, home to some of the world's leading hotels. And now it can be your home, too.
Elounda Beach: Elounda Beach BungalowsElounda Beach: Elounda Beach Bungalows

Architects Davide Macullo and Makis Lahanas are putting the finishing touches on the Bungalows in Elounda. They are nine urban homes where unobstructed views of the sea replace front yards. Dark grey stone harmonizes with surrounding nature. Natural materials like wood and leather create a warm atmosphere.

Elounda Beach: Inside the Bungalows in EloundaElounda Beach: Inside the Bungalows in Elounda

Macullo's philosophy on architecture is that it should positively influence our lives and relate to people culturally, socially, physically and emotionally. Judging by the look of these bungalows, his mission has been accomplished.

Elounda Beach: Bungalows in Elounda BeachElounda Beach: Bungalows in Elounda Beach

Apr 23, 2008
by Anonymous

Serenity Now

Look how close those outdoor pools and patios are to each other. Can the architects ensure how the usual suspects (uber wealthy party types) will respect their neighbors "serenity"?

Apr 23, 2008
by Anonymous

The furniture doesn't look

The furniture doesn't look very comfortable either. A hard chair, a sofa with straight sides? How about comfy stuff you can sink into?

Apr 23, 2008
by Alison Storm


I'm told the project should be complete this summer. I hope to post picture of the real thing then. 

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