A Pistol With The Nano Crystal

Now, before you start calling this a vacuum cleaner, just hold it a minute. This big gadget is a technological first for the home: a steam disinfector that converts the minerals in tap water into nano crystals that will eliminate every bacteria and virus in its range within five seconds! Isn't it great that something can make good use of our tap water?

This mean machine is called the Every Surface Nano Crystal Steam Disinfector. It is used in hospitals to clean work areas, but now it is available for use in your home. The boiler in the machine activates a proprietary technology to convert tap water into nano crystals that break down the cellular structure of mold, fungi, dust mites, and bacteria with no noxious chemicals.

You can use Nano Crystal Steam Disinfector on your kitchen counters after you've been handling meats. Use it on your mattress; it will kill those dust mites you've been sleeping with. Mold in your bathroom? No problem! It will clean your floors, your shower, your toilet, your oven, wherever the filthiest stuff in your home resides... the Every Surface Nano Crystal Steam Disinfector will get it!

And don't worry about how the ESNCSD is going to attack the grime in the corners and under heavy appliances. The Every Surface Nano Crystal Steam Disenfector comes with 13 attachments, one for every kind of dirty space. It even comes with a window squeegee.

Check it out at Hammacher Schlemmer .