A Practical, Adorable, And Ghostly Salt Squad From d-VISION

When something grabs you, well it just does, and you can't forget it. This happened to me when I spotted the Salt Squad on the d-VISION website. The attitude, the freshness, the impish, ghostly appearance of the Salt Squad shakers just drove me nuts... so now you can go nuts too!

d-VISION is an elite 2-year program for top Israeli design students. The program has instructors and mentors and offers an intense design experience. One of the projects, called ouTable, is a spirited collection of tableware that can be used in an outdoor environment. Spirit is a major component of the designs coming out of the ouTable project, as d-VISION encourages its students to create products that are suitable for mass production via bio-plastic, but also reflect humanity, poetry, and humor.

It is playfulness you find in the Salt Squad, suitable for a sit-down dinner, cocktail party, or outdoor barbecue. On the stand that accompanies the Salt Squad, the figures look like ghosts singing in a choir. You could arrange them as if they were plotting to haunt a house!

For a cookout or buffet style gathering, guests would be delighted to choose their own member of the Salt Squad...




And for a sit-down dinner, the Salt Squad members could be the finishing touch at each place setting. No one would have to call "Please pass the salt," and wait while their mashed potatoes get ghostly cold.


Don't you wish you could order these now? Alas, they are just practical, adorable, and ghostly d-VISION designs!

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Oct 3, 2008
by M Dee Dubroff
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Salt shakers

 soooooo cute!



Yours in Words,

M Dee Dubroff

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Oct 6, 2008
by Anonymous

Salt Shakers

They look like dildos to me.