Scatalogical Door Handle Is Universal Symbol For Bathroom

Need something on your bathroom door that says "bathroom" in a universal language? French designer Florence Doleac created a door handle that does just that. Poignée signalétique could be translated into "identifiable door handle" or an "identifiable handshake," as you wish. But let's not quibble about which translation to use; scatalogic is universal.

Molded of resin and coated with powdered green and bronze paint, the "étron" (feces specimen) door handle is a "handy" tool to have around so you don't have to point out the bathroom to your guests.

The Poignée signalétique has two faces, I mean feces, one for each side of the door. The gold feces on the inside door handle is for "inspiration," according to the designer.

Gotta love it!

via Trends Now