A Simply Brilliant Design: The Strap!

It's hard to find shelving that fits a certain space, a special function, and modern minimalist design. But I think that Dutch designer, NL Architects, has created one. In fact, you might say the Strap is a very elastic shelving design, able to meet a variety of space, function, and personal preferences.

Made from giant rubber bands, the Strap, when empty, looks like 1980's modern art. But place a pair of tennies in its rubber bands, add a few books, an umbrella, a bicycle, and you've got an interactive wall sculpture that's both functional and self-expressive. And when your shelving needs change, voilà, so does your sculpture!

The Strap is a great alternative to a shoe rack if you want to incorporate it into your closet design. You could even hang some clothes hooks on it for worn once/not dirty clothes.

I'd hang the Strap in the family room to place all the remote controls, the day's newspapers and current magazines, the cat's favorite toys, the dog's favorite cat (toy), and all the shoes that get kicked off at TV time. I might even put a coffee table book or two in the Strap.

The heck with shelving and catch-all tables... The Strap is simply brilliant!

Available for sale at Droog Design.
Credits: Strap for Droog by NL Architects. Photo: Robaard/Theuwkens

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Jul 23, 2008
by Anonymous


it kinda looks ugly and certain things probably shouldn't be put there 'cause it might break or something.