A Slightly Fatter Honda Fit

Since its introduction a few years ago, the Honda Fit has made a huge impression on perspective car buyers. With a 5 person seating capacity and very impressive fuel economy, what's not to like? Which is why Honda decided to make a big brother for the Fit.


The larger version of the Fit, called the Freed, can seat up to 8 people comfortably. The interior will most likely remain pretty much the same just extended. The exterior will get a set of sliding doors for easier access to the tail end seating.

Under the hood will be a very efficient 1.5 liter inline 4. It is rated at 118 and runs through a CVT transmission. As a real quick side note, the reasoning for the CVT is to keep the engine in the powerband for the longest amount of time possible. When fully loaded, the Freed will definitely need that.

I think they should have named it the "Unfit" or something that played on words. Then again, that's probably why I'm not in charge of such things.

Via: Winding Road