A Solution To The Runaway Beach Umbrella

Since wind gusts like to make a surprise appearance at the beach every once in a while, one company has come up with an invention to make sure your umbrella doesn’t fly away.

Source: Beach Pockets

Fighting wind with sand, the Beach Pocket is a simple and secure way to make sure your beach umbrella will keep providing you the shade you need. Created by Barbara Bigford, the invention is a tasteful umbrella that has three lightweight pockets attached to pole. To help weight it down, all you have to do is fill each pocket with sand.

Along with being able to withstand winds of up to 20 mph, the Beach Pocket also makes sure your skin is healthy as it’s designed with fabric that is SPF 50. To make sure it pleases a variety of preferences, the umbrella also comes in a variety of styles and colours.

To find out where you can purchase the item for your next trip to the beach, fly over to the product’s website.

Jul 31, 2008
by Anonymous


wouldn't it have been simpler just to do the "beach pocket" and so everyone could fit it to existing "umbrellas", anyway good idea.