The Double Life Of A Grill Boy

I love surprise gadgets and the Grill Boy is one. It's a stylish stainless steel magnet shaped like a broad, flat stick figure, with grooves for hands and feet. But the grooves are all different sizes, so don't try to fit your Grill Boy with pairs of mittens and socks...

Yes, there's a reason that Grill Boy has mismatched hands and feet... He's got more to do that just sit on your fridge looking cool. He uses those (sharp) grooves in his hands and feet to do a real job -- cleaning all sizes of grilling racks and grates you have on your barbecue grill and in your oven (don't forget the toaster oven!).

The Grill Boy is environmentally friendly too! He shaves off all that carbon gunk from your grill without the help of any abrasive, noxious chemical products. None needed; the sharp edges of the Grill Boy's grooves will get the job done easily.

Grill Boy is a product of Leopold, a German design and manufacturing company. The Grill Boy is sold by the Connox Shop for 5.95 € or about $9.25 U.S.



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