A Toast to the Buddhist Beer Bottle Temple and Thai Monks














Many creative people have made many amazing new things with used material, but I have to say this one eco-friendly structure is my favorite. Take a look at this beautiful green and brown Buddhist temple, built by Thai Monks. The temple stands strong and tall with the structural help of over one million beer bottles.

People have built building with beer bottles before, but none ever as intricate and beautiful as this one. Thanks to the help of the community near these talented Thai monks, building materials were dropped off making it easier for the Monks to gather enough bottles to build this Buddhist temple. The temple is called Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew. It is about 400 miles northeast of Bangkok in the city of Khun Han.

I was curious about the length of time it took the monks to build this green architecture but was unable find any information on it. It seems only a few good pictures of this eco-friendly temple are available. If you look at the picture above and the pictures provided here you will see the intricate details of the buildings structure. You will notice that from the top tip of the temple to the bottom the entire temple is made with reused beer bottles. Even the water tower and tourist bathroom are constructed with beer bottles. You will also notice the green and brown color of the temple. The green color comes from Heineken bottles. The brown color comes from the Chang Beer Bottles.

Via Treehugger