A Touch of Style: LemonAid Crutches

That crutches can not only provide physical support but mental and emotional succor is evident from the story behind the stylish LemonAid crutches.

According to the website, ‘As with many innovative ideas, LemonAid CrutchesTM came into existence through personal need.' The founder, Laurie Johnson, lost her husband and son in a plane crash that left her with severe fractures in 2002.

For Laurie, life changed as she coped with the personal loss and struggled to deal with her physical weakness.

Crutches became a part of her life. Needing something to fuel her energies into, Laurie decided to do something with her ‘ugly' crutches.

She had them painted professionally, and covered the pads with designer fabrics, the results brought a smile to her lips, and gave a purpose to her life: LemonAid Crutches was born.

Laurie played around with different colors, painting processes and fabric choices and today her designer line of crutches has ranges with exotic names like Safari Adventure, British Tradition and Island Relaxation.

Beautiful fabrics and jazzy colours have given LemonAid crutches a new spin. The company also manufactures coordinated bags and pouches to go with the crutches.

Here are a few eye catching motifs.






Visit the LemonAid homepage and check out the entire collection .

EDITORS NOTE:Crutcheze now carries a whole line of designer fabric covered and colored crutch covers. They are available on Amazon here.

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