Toys Meant To Drive You Bananas

One of the newest Japanese fads coming to America is the adorable and inventive Elite Banana series. There are multiple versions of Elite Banana, from the blushing banana to sweaty business banana to tuxedo banana. Each seems to have their own unique personality and flavor. With so many options, why not play with your food?

The most basic banana is definitely the air bubble key chain. Here your banana can frolic, uninhibited, through his tiny plastic home. There are four styles to choose from so your key chain can easily reflect the banana most like you.

I strongly believe that cell phone toppers are highly underused in America these days. Your keys get accessorized, why leave your phone naked and alone? Elite banana makes perfect company for your mobile accomplice. My personal favorite is the little business man. He's a busy executive on the move and will help you feel a little less stressed every time you see the sweat drip from his face as he tries to close an important account.

When you're ready to relax, the motion plush banana is just what you need to cool down and take a breather. When he rocks back and forth, it's almost like he's saying "giggidy giggidy" in Quagmire's delightfully pervy voice. We have one of these at home and have found out that high pitched screams and giggles will set him off from a greater distance than even clapping -a sign that his inner ladies man truly enjoys a good tickle war.

Do you love Elite Banana? I mean really love him? Then you may be interested in one of the newer items in the product line, the massager. Whether you are seeking an innocent rub down or something a little more erotic, this banana is here to please. Choose between slightly embarrassed banana or suit and tie banana, whichever better suits your fantasy.

So now that you know about the banana that loves you back, run, don't walk, to your nearest Japanese import store and demand your own Elite Banana. Remember, once you go fruity, you never go back.

Source: NCXshop

Jill Harness
Guest Blogger

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Sep 18, 2008
by Toby
Toby's picture

"Pervy voice"

Love it! Those talkies are pretty pervy, aren't they?