A Wireless Antenna That Crawls Along Human Skin


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Wireless technology as we currently know it provides the means for transporting information through the air from one point to another. A recent medical invention developed by a team of researchers from Queens University Belfast has opened the door for future wireless technology possibilities. Scanlon and Conway have created a method for keeping devices such as pacemakers connected in a power efficient way. Their invention labeled as a "Skin-tenna" is an antenna that is worn on the hip, can be placed discreetly under clothing and allows wireless signals to crawl along an individual's skin. This "crawling" like process makes the antenna more efficient as it minimizes the "off-body signals".

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An added bonus to this medical wonder is the fact that it requires far less power than Bluetooth or other wireless technologies. This is some good news for those patients who require a trip to the operating room when is time to have their battery replaced in their pacemaker.

I do ponder at the thought of what if any, health side effects there would be with such a gadget given the concerns of cellular phones and its links to cancer. What are your thoughts?