Ab Monster Will Scare Your Abs Into Shape

Ab MonsterAb Monster

Just looking at the Ab Monster may begin to tighten you core. It's a scary looking piece of equipment, but it's one with a simple design and simple to use. Using it can shape not only your core but your posterior chain, and you can use it just about anywhere.

Ab Monster CoreAb Monster Core

The Ab Monster is like a typical ab roller, but with a bit of a twist. Instead of rolling on a wheel, which only allows for back and forth movement with limited turning ability, the Ab Monster rolls on a "yoke" or ball, which allows for back and forth movement, as well as side to side movement and turns at whatever angle you want.

You can also work your posterior chain simply by strapping your legs to it at the knees. The handles of the Ab Monster double as knee pads, so doing leg curls and planks is comfortable. You don't get this versatility with a typical ab roller, and with this versatility you're able to work not only your abdominal muscles, but your trapezius, pectorals, latissimus dori, lower back, triceps, biceps, deltoids, forearms and gluteus. 

Ab Monster Posterior ChainAb Monster Posterior Chain

The Ab Monster's design is a sturdy and safe one, able to support 350 pounds with no sharp edges or corners. You can use this versatile piece of equipment just about anywhere as well. It's great for in home workouts or you can bring it to your office and use it during break times. You can also pack it in your suitcase for trips that may find you without a gym or workout area. 

Don't look for the Ab Monster at your local sporting goods store just yet. The first production run isn't scheduled until June of this year. In the meantime, you can find more information here