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ABC's American Inventor - Episode 4 Season 2 Live Blog and Show Recap

American Inventor Show Recap

Tonight on ABC's American Inventor we gather around the TV to see the final contestants from Chicago and New York. Last week's hopefuls were as varied as the cities they come from, even though those that made it through certainly weren't the cream of the crop. Hopefully The Big Apple and Windy City are saving the best for last and tonight we will see someone who actually has a shot of winning the whole shebang. And off we go...

Part 1:

Here we go in NY...

Wigberto Deglado - The Urinator - OK, I know the ladies hate it when their man leaves the toilet seat up, but no man should be allowed to be lazier by a contraption that eliminates the need to raise the toilet seat by peeing into a tube.

I may have missed an inventor here because of severe weather up North. The weatherman interrupted with updates and what not.

So there is this guy talking about cancer and healthy air and senior citizens. I don't really know what he is rambling on about but he seems to be losing the judges. At least he's enthusiastic!

Part 2:

Back to Chicago...

>John Stark - The Easy Squeeze Ear Plug - An ear plug made of a balloon that inflates in your ear. Even George couldn't give this one his gold glove of approval. Yet I'm still intrigued if it works...


Elaine Cato - 6 in 1 Bra- Sarah has to be able to relate to this fashion forward idea of a backless support bra for heavier busts, and it's nice to see that Elaine is actually wearing her idea and showing that it works. And there is a huge plus sized population out there that want and deserve to be sexy by being able to wear backless shirts. Chicago does it again with another potential finalist.

Part 3:

David Skotzke - Hands Free Toilet Seat Lifter - Another toilet seat invention? What's going on here? OK, I agree the invention is sort of ridiculous, but I'd at least like the judges to let him demonstrate it. I'm sure it comes down tot editing, but show us the goods!

Chris Brooks - Massager that attaches to a remote control - Wow, how offensive. This guy CLEARLY has no tact when it comes to the ladies. "Here baby let me rub your shoulders while I continue to watch TV and be completely disinterested in you." Nice try there.

Alvin Quiles - Skaterade (sp?) - What in God's name is this contraption. A monstrosity for people who can't skate, or, as the judges referred to it, a skating walker? Can anyone honestly see somebody skating with this thing? Unless you have your own huge empty street this is all but useless. It would barrel over people in the streets! Maybe Chicago has run out of steam....

Jun 27, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

How many more weeks?

Does anyone know offhand how many more weeks the show is on and when the final decision will be made?  You may have mentioned it previously, but I don't recall.

Jun 27, 2007
by Shima (not verified)

American Inventors

How do you find out when the next inventors show will take place. I live in Los Angeles and new to the website. I'm an inventor and would like to enter in the next show. Is this information available?


Jun 28, 2007
by BabyWedge (not verified)

Missing NY finalist

I look forward to reading the recap and your input on the inventions each week.  I know that you were experiencing bad weather last night night....but you are missing 1 NY finalist.  Deryk Artioli, 11.  Yeah, he is my son and ABC's editing did a great job of cutting out a bunch of  what  the invention is about.  I know that you and others have been so down on kids appearing on this show, that I was interested to see your comments when a kid did make it as a finalist and didn't leave crying!

Jun 28, 2007
by Michelle
Michelle's picture

Shima: Nothing has been


Nothing has been announced for Season Three of American Inventor. As soon as we hear any word, we'll let everyone know. LAst year, we were able to scoop the published news by months.

Welcome to the site. 

Jun 28, 2007
by AmericanCynic

Third season

The only reason they would even consider doing a third season is because the show is dirt cheap to produce for the summer season. One $1 million prize. Twelve $50,000 prizes. That's $1.6 million. Plus salaries for the judges, maybe another $100,000 per week. Renting out audition venues, another $30,000 or so per week. That fills up about 11 hours of programming. A decent drama would have cost $1 million per hour to produce. "Traveler" cost a lot more and isn't doing very well in the ratings.

Jun 28, 2007
by American&Inventor (not verified)

Judges/or lack thereof

Someone mentioned about the bad judges. Well I feel it has trickled it's way from bad pre-judges to the Non-American rich judge who can't see good and valuable products past the clouds of stupidity! I will bet that out of the thousands of people that went to these shows, the judges past up at least 20% of the people with good inventions because they didn't put on a good show for the pre-judges, or the pre-judges just don't know what the are doing, or maybe it is both. Either way fixing the show must start at the top and work it's way down.

Jun 28, 2007
by sanjay (not verified)

David Mallet's "The Wingman" is not new

This is not a new idea - I read a scifi book that had the same idea.

The user has a bracelet with their info and preference. When two bracelets match they let the wearers kown.


Jun 28, 2007
by your average joe (not verified)

reply -lack of judges

I agree!

At least on american Idol the judges know their stuff. Simon might be very blunt and forward....but the guy knows talent!

Maybe one of the judges should be an average joe off the street to represent the average american!

Good luck to everyone!

Jun 28, 2007
by AmericanCynic


"You only get to spend around $39,000 of the 50 grand. I know from being a semi-finalist last year!" I thought I read on the forums that you don't get to spend any money at all. You get $50,000 of services rendered, done by a design company of Fremantle's choice. Not a penny of it goes into the inventor's sweaty little palms.

Jun 28, 2007
by Anonymous Sandy Beach (not verified)

Suit Clause

Contestants are allowed a clothing allowance--enough money for one new suit, in case you ruin one on the beach playing in the sand.

Jun 28, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

The Claw Rocks!

I thought the Claw was by far the best invention we've seen so far!  Its innovative and has broad market appeal.  I'm glad the judges finally chose someone for their invention and not because they have a sob story.

Jun 28, 2007
by Laura (not verified)

They're not overly happy

The Claw guys aren't gay, I know because I'm Craig's wife.  I was the redhead that hugged Craig after the announcement.  I know their dashing good looks and good sense of fashion can give off a different impression Wink, but they are both definitely only into women.

Jun 28, 2007
by Anonymous Marvin Gaye (not verified)

Gay means merry and they looked very merry!

They didn't look homosexual to me, just maybe a little bicyclual.

George Foreman is going to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight--I guess he couldn't say "no" to him, either.

Jun 29, 2007
by AmericanCynic

Oops, I forgot

They don't have 12 finalists this year, do they? It's now just one winner from each of the six cities. Well, that knocks $300,000 off the show budget right there, so that's even cheaper to produce than I previously guessed.

Jul 18, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

message to contestant

The question is... hwo to post something online so they a contestant or show can get a public message.

This invention was the last to be on TV tonight, July 18th a Houson finalist. This person was a young deaf man that is trying to invent a portable device, that a person can talk into and it turns voice into text. Then the deaf person types into and it shows text so the hearing person understands what he wants to say.  It was a great way for the deaf world to start communicating with our world.

My comment to this is... It would be WONDERFUL for stroke patients also.

They are looking at it from a deaf world, where as stroke patients that cannot keep up with someone talking and doesn't understand or remember long enough to get home... and sometimes, the person can read well, but understanding verbal communications has slower processing times. it then becomes a personal assistant of sorts. It's a FABULOUS idea and I'd like to broaden thier horizons on all of who is could help.

Jul 28, 2007
by Inventor (not verified)

Fraud Judge!!!

Fraud Judge!

Sara Blakely and her company stoled an invention the All Hosiery Bra. Spanx and Sara Blakely are prospering on products that they stoled. Spanx.com is selling the revolutionary all hosiery bra and it is not her invention that shows patented pending on her Spanx web site. Sara Blakely did invent the cut off panty hose but she did not with the all hosiery bra. The reason for this post is to let America know the truth and the whole truth.


Aug 16, 2007
by donnawallislingerie (not verified)

Faveo Freedom Bra

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Aug 16, 2007
by donnawallislingerie (not verified)

Faveo Freedom Bra

This Bra is great and comes in 8 sizes which fit upto 30HH, 32H, 34GG, 36G, 38FF and 40F (UK sizes) this is a really good bra that comes from a new company called Faveo, I retail this for £35.00 and postage is the same for anywhere in the world. this is a great bra and all of use that couldn't buy them before can now wear backless/strapless tops and dresses. A big thankyou goes to Faveo as I can now wear my clothes and feel comfortable.