ABC's American Inventor - Episode 5 Season 2 Live Blog and Show Recap

American Inventor Show Recap

Welcome back to the blog after a rerun week of ABC's American Inventor. Tonight we are back live and, after rousing rounds in Los Angelese, San Francisco, New York and Chicago, we continue tonight's search for the next greatest invention in Houston, Texas and Tampa, Florida. Though I think we've seen some strong contenders so far, maybe they are saving the best for last and tonight we will see some really great stuff. But, even if we don't, at least we will get a kick out of who think they have some really great stuff. The show is starting shortly. Get comfortable.

Part 1:

Sorry everyone. A news bulletin came on just as the show started and I missed the first part. I mean, I'm happy one of the cop shooters got caught, but I need to blog here...

Part 2:










Marsia Tucci - Mattress Breast Softener? - Nice to see that she is looking out for the plastic surgery addicts. I think that a mattress made for the ladies with large, augmented breasts is looking to fix a problem most women should be aware of before they go under the knife. But, uh, yeah...










Rodney Skinner - Quicky Mouth Cleaner - Gotta be able to pitch a product before you can expect American to buy it, which this guy had some problems with from the get-go. But, I sort of see where this guy is coming from: our tongues are pretty amazing and if his tongue toothbrush that attaches to the tip of the tongue was tweaked to be digestable or something it could work. That's me though. The judges clearly thought otherwise.










Benjamin Hausbach - Safe Tan - A pill that you take to make you more tan has already been invented. When this show was filmed they may not have know that, but I read in the New York Times (I think) that there is a pill you can take that will activate the melanin in your skin to become tan. Now, as for making your skin other colors, I just don't know about that. He'd have to provide a lot more science to sell me.


Part 3:

Let's see what Tampa has to offer...










Fernie and Rand Eubanks -Easy Mower - Aw, he's cute with his southern drawl. These guys got the charisma, I'll say that. Basically we have a lawnmower you steer like a car with pivot wheels on the front and back. It seems to work really well though for being something so prototypical. I think Peter is right about mass marketability and its ability to compete with other inventions, but Fernie has the charm to sell millions.

This little segment featuring the "I've-got-my-life-on-the-line" was pretty effective, especially since we saw some great inventions.









Mike Kelly -The Revolutionizer - Women will love something like this because, as a gym rat myself, I know how difficult and greuling it can be to work the inner and outer thighs. But this machine designed specifically for it is well planned.










Glenda and Richard Jackson- Dryer Shoe Holder - This is amazing! Seriously, everyone is annoyed by that ratteling in the dryer when you put your shoes through the spin cycle, so an invention that holds your shoes in place in the dryer with a poweful magnet is quite innovative. I wonder if it helps them dry any quicker?










Richard McFee- Pop-Up Party Table- If you know anyone who loves going to or planning parties, this is great. My sister-in-law would be all over something like this. My mom would too probably, seeing how she just loves to entertain by the pool. And if you don't want to pop up the middle of the table to use it for a party, it's prefectly suitable for a game of Texas Hold Em.

Part 4:

Back to Houston...









Mike and Joe Miller - Wrap Away - I could see somewhere like Bed, Bath & Beyond going for a cabinet insert that organizes all your wraps (saran and such) so that they aren't messy and easily cutable. And that they made one that sits in a drawer and goes under a cabinet as well shows that they are covering their bases. Glad that their $20,000 for the patent got them somewhere. And we have our first yes from Texas! Whew!










Michael Osayi - Scrambles 10 - This isn't so much an invention as just a new board game, pretty much based on Scrabble but with numbers on the tiles that you add up somehow. This is something he should be pitching to Milton Bradley, not American Inventor, because it isn't something that new. But I'm glad Pat gave him the advice to seek legal help, because he could get into some serious copyright issue.

Part 5:

Finally back to Tampa for a few more potentials....or not.










Patricia Gentile - Pet Jacuzzi - I want that dog. Just had to say that. But I know too many dogs that would hate a pet jacuzzi that traps them in a plastic container that goes in your bathtub (where the nozzle becomes the jacuzzi jets). My dogs would go crazy. But ya gotta love this cute old lady with a dream.










Khaled Abusaif - Carzoogler (?) - I like the idea of a visual marker that locates your car, but this invention just looks to silly for anyone to actually take it seriously. A giant colored spring that pops up? Try putting this on a BWM or something....yeah, not so much. But OF COURSE George likes it. Seriously, Paula Abdul over here.


Part 6:










Carlos Reid - Redbuilding Blocks - This might be the most planning we've seen behind an invention, and these plastic building blocks--like big legos--are pretty amazing. Because you can cover the blocks with siding and what not, it make sense because it won't be aesthetically displeasing. And more than that it will be cheap and might even revolutionize making housing communities for those who can't necessarily afford it. And man is he tugging on my heart strings! Peter really had no choice but to give him a chance, right?


Well, I guess Houston and Tampa will be concluded next week, but we certainly saw some potential winners tonight. My favorites? Carlos Reid and his revolutionary building blocks and, honestly, the Dryer Shoe Holder (hehe). Tampa proved quite fertile tonight with inventors, so maybe the streak will continue next week. But, who knows, we might have seen the best already, and Houston could bring out the big ole Texan guns and surprise us.


Seth Plattner
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Jul 11, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

ill make an animal circus 

ill make an animal circus  and use a tungue toothbrush

Jul 11, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

That "genius" showed how stupid he can be

Was Peter looking for a fight????? 

You'd think a "genius" would at least be able to remember an Englishman's (or judge's) name.

Jul 11, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Only if the judges would

Only if the judges would have known that tan pills already were invented then Peter wouldnt have been called a Jackass

Jul 11, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


the "genius" wanted to call Peter a Jackass!!!

Jul 11, 2007
by Michelle
Michelle's picture

Anyone see the first part

Anyone see the first part ? 

 Can you help us out with a few sentences so that we can add it to the blog for people who can't watch the show since Seth missed it?




Jul 11, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

they dont even look at the

they dont even look at the mechanics of the lawnmower to see if it actually will work better than previous art

Jul 11, 2007
by Alexis

 Seth - did you catch the

 Seth - did you catch the first contestant before the news bulletin came on?  the guy with all the lovely hats?  One of them was a new type of hair net (I guess that's what it was).

Jul 11, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

A school ? bus driver who had wacky hats

There were various styles that he thought EVERYONE would wear.  When questioned if they didn't look silly, he responded something to the effect that if only one person wore the hat, it would be silly, but if everyone did, if would be "normal"......

 One had skulls around it, one had nets (to protect food from falling hair), and others proposed would include ball teams.   I believe he got 4 "no" votes.  He couldn't believe it, and I think the announcer had stated that the bus driver had spent something like $4,700 so far on his "invention".

Jul 11, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

yeah, list the good

yeah, list the good inventions a tornado just touched down here and they stopped airing the show ;o(

Jul 11, 2007
by Alexis

Ooh - i love the idea of the

Ooh - i love the idea of the attaching sneakers to the actual dryer to prevent hearing the sneakers bounce around while they are drying. 

Jul 11, 2007
by bottleslingguy
bottleslingguy's picture

Tonight's show is the

Tonight's show is the biggest waste of time I've ever spent in my entire life. If Peter was standing in front of me pitching the show using this episode as his display, "It would have to be a NO from me."

Totally LAME. I did like the sneaker magnet and the building blocks though.

 Bottle Sling - Invention Gallery .

Jul 11, 2007
by Alexis

I'm a huge a fan of Peter's

I'm a huge a fan of Peter's but I think his wealth gets in the way of realizing what everyday people need.  I can't tell you what a pain in the butt it is to have all those rolls of aluminum foil, plastic wrap, wax sheets, etc. ... and finding an easy way to store them, pull them out and use them.  That is a product I would definitely buy and I know it would definitely sell.

Jul 11, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


that's one of the biggest phallic symbol I've seen

Jul 11, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Taking the time to put Dougy on your entry

seems like a big waste of time.

Jul 11, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

I missed the sneaker magnet

but I know there were bags made a long time ago to put shoes into the dryer and there are hat/cap racks, too. 

 I can't see many people buying a sneaker magnet.--how many people actually wash shoes in a washing machine?  Most people just buy new shoes once theirs get even a little dirty.

Jul 11, 2007
by AmericanCynic

Still going downhill

Nothing good at all this week. I see things like the guy with the weird hats and I wonder the same thing as the American Idol auditions. Namely, don't these people have any friends who are willing to tell them honestly that they're going to make total fools of themselves on national television?

Mouth cleaner - I guess he's never seen Oral-B Brush Ups. Slip it on your finger, brush for a minute, toss it away. You'd probably have to keep that silly tongue-brush in your mouth for half a hour or more to get anywhere near the same result. Meanwhile, people are looking at you strangely for continuously sticking your tongue between your cheeks/lips and your teeth. It looks pretty rude, too.

Mr. Certified Genius with his skin color-changing pill doesn't have a clue about human biology. Just because you may do well on an IQ test (or claim you do) doesn't mean you actually know any science. Intelligence without knowledge is worthless. And vice versa.

Dryer shoe holder - why run them through the clothes dryer to begin with? It's very inefficient. You're heating up all that air for what? A pair of shoes? There are boot and shoe dryers out there that just blow air straight into upside-down shoes. Or you can take the low-tech route and just stuff your shoes with newspaper and let them air-dry.

The plastic building blocks will never work. He should have asked plastics and structural engineers first. They would have told him it won't work. There are a ton of building systems out there that create fireproof monolithic concrete walls a lot stronger than his oversize Lego blocks, even if they're filled with concrete. His walls have no continuous reinforcement. Concrete has rebar embedded in it for a reason. Concrete or no concrete, when a flood comes roaring along, his walls are coming down. And he obviously doesn't understand what thermosetting plastic is. ANY plastic will melt or decompose if you get it hot enough. House fires are definitely hot enough. There's no such thing as an "indestructible" house. Pity Doug Hall wasn't around. He probably would have torn these unsupportable claims to shreds. This is what happens when your judges are all marketing people with no background in science or technology.

The look on Peter's face all night was funny. He's probably regretting being a judge this season and wondering if he should hire a new fourth judge if there's a third season.

Jul 12, 2007
by rusty

Quickie Mouth Cleaner

I though that Quickie mouth cleaner is a good idea not rude at all, it's better than digging around in your mouth with a Oral-b condum finger brush now thats rude, at least if you where useing a quickie it would be descreet

Jul 12, 2007
by AmericanCynic

Rodney? Is that you?

You've made five posts here so far and all of them saying how much you love this invention. Hmmm.

Jul 12, 2007
by mikekelly

We had fun in Tampa!

I wish they would have shown more of my invention. We missed most of the show because of weather warnings....Please let me know what you think of my invention, I like to would like to hear some good and bad comments.Laughing


Mike Kelly

Jul 13, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

mower & thigh excerciser get together in Tampa

The thigh excerciser can be done the same with socks, two chairs, and a kitchen floor. Or the front swiveling wheel form the mower fastened to the bottom of the shoes will work on carpet. Ha!

Jul 14, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

sneaker only work if the inside is magnetic

Aluminum, Stainless steel. or any sort of thermoplastic will not work.

Jul 14, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Still looking for the new type of Stereo guy in Tampa

This may be too good of an invention for this show. I mean who listens to Stereos when they can play with sticks, toy cars, knock off board games, and foam hats?

Jul 14, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

To the mechanics of the lawn mower

He demonstrated it after he came out from his initial audition. The handle also slides back and forth on a track. This track will become gummed up in a short period of time. Also the one swivel wheel in front will not balance the mower properly over rough terain. The blade will then dig into the ground and cause costly or irrepairable damage.

Jul 14, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Benjamin Hahabach

He probably never had the opportunity to use his "Safe Sex" invention so went on to create the "Safe Tan" , hoping it might lead to other things.

Jul 18, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

I'm curious as to how I can

I'm curious as to how I can go about sending a comment to the judges of the program.  If anyone let me know, I would really appreciate it.  I strongly believe they've made an error in saying "no" to one of the prospective inventors.

Thanks to anyone who can assist me in my quest for an email address, etc. to contact the judges.

Jul 18, 2007
by Kathleen (not verified)

Leggo Block House

I think that the judges have gone "MAD".  The marketability of this product is international and immence  What in the #@>?! are they thinking?  Homes that are totally able to withstand floods and fires.......I was a contractor in Nova Scotia, Canada and have moved to Edmonton, know, where there is no place to rent and properties are only on the market for hours.

 The ease of use of this material.  The potential reusability of the blocks.  Not to mention the potentially low cost of the material.   With a housing crisis not only in boom towns but also no income and low income families worldwide.... This could be the answer.  All over the world.   Is that not worth the $50, 000 for developement.   Please if you are not going to invest in this gentleman, give him my email address.  I would very much like to partner with him.

Jul 22, 2007
by Ryan Freeman (not verified)


Would the person who made this comment about the building blocks please contact me at  I know of a product that is going to be produced here in Edmonton that is similar to the Reid blocks.  This block is a working model that has been produced and used in the states for a while now.  The Reid block is basically a knock off of this product.  The companty that is producing them here is in need of investors.

Jul 24, 2007
by Burgie

Change the format!

Again this year we see soooo much - prior art.  Maybe ABC should come up with a show where inventors show up to a large panel of contestants who are armed with internet connections, laptops.  They Google the inventor and if the patent attorneys agrees with the findings (you have to move and talk fast) Bingo! you knock the inventor off and gain points.  After going thru several inventors per show the one with the most discoveries wins something, the inventors who don't get knocked off win something.  A little like the 1vs100 concept.


send me my check Peter... 

Jul 25, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Or Like "Name That Tune"

"I can name that invention in.....3 Googles"