ABC's American Inventor - Season 2 Finale Live Blog and Recap!!!

American Inventor Show Recap

Can you believe we are already at the end of the second season of ABC's American Inventor?

It feels like only yesterday we were marveling at the ingenuity of The Cougar! Well, maybe not. Anyhow, it has certainly been an interesting season and, after all the attempts (feeble and not so feeble), we have arrived at our 3 finalists, one of whom will walk away tonight with $1,000,000 and the title of the next American Inventor. Just to remind you, here are the contenders:

  • Elaine Cato and the 6-in-1 Backless Bra
  • Ricky DeRennaux and HT Racers
  • Gregg Chavez and The Guardian Angel

So who do you think America voted for?

Well, the show is about to begin, so tune in and I guess we'll all find out the winner of American Inventor.

Part 1:

At the onset of the show it's hard to predict who I think will win. Like I said in my previous post, each inventor has come up with something that services a completely different purpose. Chavez's Guardian Angel saves lives; DeRennaux's is largely an entertainment invention; and Cato is aimed at a female necessity. As far as marketability is concerned, each one has it's pros and cons. Yes Chavez's will save lives, but it competes with a lazy American population who love their plastic trees. Cato's seems to be the front runner to fly off the shelves, but it's only for large chested women, and I would like to see some numbers for that demographic. DeRennaux's is more geared towards kids, despite his improvements to make his racers more complex for different age groups. So, clearly, when it's left to the American public it's all about the back story. Thankfully each one of these inventors has something worth fighting for, especially Chavez and Cato, who are moving our hearts with their family stories, and we know that all those emotional junkies out there are going to latch onto them. It will certainly be interesting to see how the judges choice and America's choice influence the outcome.

Part 2:

I always chuckle at how much everyone cries, but I'll admit, I'd probably be blubbering too if I was where they are right now. I think DeRennaux has the most charisma and there is something about his personality that gets me. We'll find out if America agrees after the break when we have our first elimination...

Part 3:

Here we go with our first elimination. I'm nervous, and a little sad to see one of these three go, because I would say from the start of the show last month they were they three that had what it took (personally and invention wise) to get this far.

And our first elimination is.... Ricky DeRennaux.

Unfortunate, but I had a feeling it would be Ricky. Like i said, he just didn't have the emotional backstory of Cato and Chavez. Either way, I think he has a great thing here and certainly shouldn't stop here. It's been well developed and with a little more determination he can hopefully find someone to produce his product.

What is this Spin Master business? Who is this guy? A suprise for DeRennaux!?!?!?

I had this glimmer of hope that something like this might happen! Wow, good for him! And totally, 100% deserved! I can't wait to see these on the shelves. How exciting!

Part 4:

Hah, I'm sort of glad we got to see the best of the, er, worst. Just reminds us of how far we've come to get to this point. Here are the top 10 most memorable as voted by the judges:










10. Howard Batterma - Fingertunes









9. Richard Dessert Jr. and Sr. - Fire Escape Suit









8. Rose Feller - Love Test









7. Rayfil Wong - Sober Key









6. Evan Balasuriya - Double Chain Buster









5. Steven Cousineau - A.C.E. Cycle (remember how this was supposed to change the world, yet no one had any idea what it was?)









4. John Sparks - EZ Squeeze Ear Plugs









3. David Le - Foam Helmet/Shoulder Pads









2. Carlo Giancanti - Copper Gear









1. Silvio DiSalvatore - Black Cougar (OF COURSE)

How could we forget these fine contenders? Clearly they won't let us even attempt to forget DiSalvatore and Black Cougar. I sort of feel sorry for people that don't realize they are brought back on the show just to become mockeries of themselves. But he's still got the enthusiasm evidently. Or maybe he's just delusional...

Part 5:

Here we are again for another elimination. Although it looks like both are going to get their products on the market anyway, and the $1,000,000 is just some extra spending dough. Not bad, eh? These are some good companies they are getting picked up by: First Alert and Maidenform. They're destined for success already!









Let's get these obligatory video tributes out of the way and find out who our winner is...

Drum roll please. The winner of ABC's American Inventor Season 2 is....

AHHH! They pulled Ryan Seacrest on us and made us wait till the break! Sneaky sneaky ABC...

Part 6:

OK, let's try this again.

The winner of ABC's American Inventor Season 2 is....

Gregg Chavez!!!!

We finally have our winner!

Was Gregg your pick for the next American Inventor? It was hard for me to choose, but I'm happy he won, especially since they all got their products picked up by other companies. What a great way to end the season, on such a high note.

We had such an interesting, funny, moving and sometimes cringing season but those left standing were certainly deserving of their success. I had a great time blogging for you all and can't wait til next season when I can see what America's got for the judges. Hopefully the standards set by this season will lead to some more wonderful stuff!


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If you were on Season One, we'd love an update from you so also please feel free to comment on this article to let us know what's been happening for you.

Thanks so much everyone!

Seth Plattner
Featured Blogger
Inventor Spot Team

Aug 1, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Screwing the Public Voters

I'd say these "surprises" to take all to market are a way of screwing the viewing audience and voters.  A.I. could have said "NO, this our show and Spin Master, First Alert and Maiden Form CAN'T come on and do what they are doing.  Instead, they allowed it and pretty much said to hell with the voters and who got the most.

Aug 1, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

A.I. Reneged

That isn't how the show was supposed to be.

Aug 1, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

What Next?

Red, White, AND Blue "Therapy Buddies"?

Aug 1, 2007
by Jim Schafer (not verified)

What a Sellout by AI

The producers of American Inventor get royalities (part of the contract) based on worldwide sales of the products presented. Thus, selling out to any company is paramount. However, if I was a finalist, I am not sure I would want to share any royalities with any big company.....but now the entrepreneurs had no choice or voice.   What a big disappointment.  

Aug 1, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

A.I. Finale Was Collecting An Audience to what an Ad

for the George Foreman grill. 

What's worse than ONE George Foreman?  Yep--five on the same screen showing inserts for the grill.  Gee, kind of sounds like an adapter for a coffee pot to make tea........................

Aug 1, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Type Correction

Watch (not "what") a commercial.  (Sorry)

Aug 1, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Well, at least taxpayers won't have to subsidize Greg's kids

anymore.  Six kids and a wife to support on a fireman's salary surely doesn't go far--hope the million helps.

Aug 1, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


she cried...and cried...and cried.


season two was weak.  weak.  weak.


Aug 1, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


has to feel really, really small.

what a terrible, terrible couple of months.

at least, he LOOKED ok tonight.

but he knows how bad it is.

have to fire the producers.

and Pat.  realy bad. 



Aug 1, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


American Indenture.  You give them ideas and they take them--and most of the profits. 

Aug 1, 2007
by AmericanCynic

Chavez and his wife are hypocrites

Notice how they keep saying it'll be all worth it when the Guardian Angel saves its first life? Sooooo, what does he do as a firefighter? (Which, by the way, he milked for all it was worth by wearing his gear whenever he had the chance. Aren't there department regulations against that?) He also says he wants to be able to die knowing he did something important. I guess he just does his job for the paycheck and any lives he saves in the course of his duties are incidental and unimportant. I can't wait for him to be sued for infringement. Even Doug Hall in his blog says this is nothing original and that he himself worked on something very similar for a client a while back. This show does deserve to die. Not because certain parties want to "boycott" it, but because it commits the cardinal sin: it's been terrible this season. It makes season one look like high art. Guess Peter will just have to fly back to England and stay there.

Aug 1, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

I Bet Putting One Of Those Bras Over A Christmas Tree

would smother any flames.

Aug 1, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Steve Cousin-beau

He is proof that inbreeding can have serious repercussions.

Aug 1, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

I Can't Imagine How Many Contestants Watched and

couldn't believe which inventions made it to the finals--and all probably still believe their own invention was better/best.

Aug 1, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Anonymous "Peter has to feel really, really small"

He has to feel the center of attention and all mighty.  He needs to feel he is in control and that only what he says matters.  By giving the public the power to vote on the winner, Peter lost his sense of superiority.  Be gentle--he can't handle criticism or rejection or having to sit on a chair and listen to everyone else.

Aug 1, 2007
by Johnathan Heat (not verified)

The show was a piece of crap

The show was a piece of crap from day one.  With the ridiculous and over reaching contracts, no great invention ideas came through, so they had little of worth to vote for in the competition.

The ideas shown were on the whole lame. The judges were a joke (Season One was tons better) and the winner is lame.

I have to say I think this show is dead.  They took a great concept and killed it so that now, no one will likely ever do an invention contest again.  Rather than blaming Simon Cowell and Peter Jones for their lack of respect for the American people and inventors, and their fumbling of a great show concept, they killed the genre probably for a generation.

Aug 1, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

the show is dead

This time last year the blogs was alive. Here we are an hour after the show and only 12 comments.

Aug 1, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

The "Show" May Be Dead

but just imagine how many GOOD ideas THEY now have to work with.  THEY know how to brainstorm and come up with modifications and better applications for the inventions presented (BUT NOT SHOWN TO THE PUBLIC) so they can really laugh all the way to the bank.  Peter can get some new suits and George can make a slightly new grill that cooks a medium-rare steak in less than 40 minutes.  There will be Spandex Christmas Tree Skirts and maybe even a new toilet.  We'll never know whose idea they really were.

Aug 1, 2007
by Eagle0769
Eagle0769's picture

How can I

I thought the show was #1. I loved all three finalises. They all deserve a big outstanding. I thought the Guardian Angel should have one because it would save lives and that is important. BUT I would really like to know the truth. How do I submit my invention for the next season for American Inventors. I tried ABC but was unable to find anything about new invention submissions.

Aug 1, 2007
by Mn mom (not verified)

Who won American Inventor

Thanks it took me a while to find this. Love the show.

Couldn't watch tonight because tv channels are all  have coverage of the bridge collapsed. Wow!  I used that bridge. I couldn't of been there.


Aug 1, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Christmas Tree Fire Extinguishing System Already Patented

The "Christmas Tree Fire Extinguishing System" that Mr. Gregg Chavez claims to have invented is already patented. How can he be the original inventor if there is already 2 patents issued? July 16, 1991 for patent: 5,031,702, Bernard A.Trumbach, (Los Angeles, CA). Dec. 21, 1999 for patent: 6,003,610, Michael J. Kordes; (Brick, NJ). This is from site. I think the prize money should go to an inventor that truley invented an original invention with no prior art.

Aug 2, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Great idea--in 1965

Actually, you need to go back to 1965 (!) to find the earliest patent on this idea (US317149).  It's long since expired, of course.  I'm extremely disappointed in this season given that this "invention" turned out to be the winner.

Aug 2, 2007
by bottleslingguy
bottleslingguy's picture

Oh yeah, Doug's such a Guru.

Oh yeah, Doug's such a Guru. He helped a client design a Halon fire extinguisher all right. Here's the funny part,

'Halons are chlorofluorocarbons causing damage to the ozone layer and are being phased out for more environmentally-friendly alternatives. Halon fire extinguishers may cost upwards of 800 US dollars due to production and import restrictions.

Halon extinguishers used to be widely used in vehicles and computer suites. It is mildly toxic in confined spaces...' 

Again with the brilliant engineering mind of his...Foot in mouth

Doug... sorry, Mr. Cynic you make me wonder why you're always talking about yourself... I mean Doug... no wait, I mean...

And sure, we shouldn't boycott the show because it misleads vulnerable people and implies more than it delivers. No, we should boycott it because, in your words, it committed the cardinal sin of sucking too much. You're funny! Are you sure you're not related to H3? 

"The real difficulty in changing any enterprise lies not in developing new ideas but in escaping from the old ones." Maynard Keynes

Oh yeah! Please check out my  Bottle Sling - Invention Gallery .

Aug 2, 2007
by Anonymous The Reactor (not verified)

What's With The Attack On The Bottleslingguy?

Maybe he has become delusional, thinking that bottleslings could sell and that Doug Hall is AmericanCynic --when everyone else knows that bottleslings are ______  and that Doug Hall is AmericanBeatnik.  Can a beatnik be a cynic, or are the terms mutually exclusive?  I know a beatnik might wear a bottlesling, but I don't know if a beatnik can be dressed as a cynic.  Either is a sight for sore eyes.

Changing his photograph from "family" to "dog" is another sign of deterioration, but maybe Cynic is getting PO'd because the bottleslingguy is writing like a cynic.

Aug 2, 2007
by Anonymous M.E. (not verified)

AmericanCynic vs. Bottleslingguy

Bottleslingguy makes AmericanCynic feel disconcerted so AmericanCynic lashes out at Bottleslingguy.  We are ready for the next round.  Hey, maybe George Foreman is available to be the referee?

Aug 2, 2007
by AmericanCynic

What can I say?

I don't suffer fools gladly. Anyone who would perpetrate untruths in his argument qualifies. Let's cut to the core of the matter. Bottleslingguy is still bitter about being mocked and cut from American Inventor, so he lashes back at them at any given opportunity, and at Doug Hall in particular. That sounds like a sore loser to me. Nobody likes a sore loser. Do you see any other failed contestants hanging around here trying to whip up a boycott of the next auditions (assuming there are any)? They've all moved on, either accepting that their invention is no good or working at selling it. If Bottleslingguy spent half as much effort looking for a company to work with as he does badmouthing the show and the judges, he'd be better off. Although probably not that much better off. That the world isn't beating a path to his door for Bottleslings should tell you something.

Aug 2, 2007
by Michelle
Michelle's picture

American Cynic and

American Cynic and BottleSling,

Stop talking to or about each other NOW please. This is for comments about the show, so enough already. No side references to each other either.



Aug 2, 2007
by shawna (not verified)

thank you

thank you thank you thank you thank you... I wanted to watch the finally so bad but, I didnt fill well and went to bed. You gave a great step by step commintary.  YOU ROCK!!! oh and p.s My guy won woo hooo

Aug 2, 2007
by AmericanCynic

Sorry, Michelle

I did my part in the beginning. I stuck to commenting on the show finale. But it certainly doesn't help your site to have gross untruths left unchallenged. Would you really want a reputation as a website where posts can't be trusted for accuracy? That wouldn't be the kind of place most serious inventors would want to go.

Back on topic, the people who posted the first two comments are wrong. AI reneged on nothing and broke no agreements, even in spirit. As they promised, only one contestant got a million dollars. Those company deals were just like last year's. Just perks for the final three or four contestants. It doesn't mean they'll get any money out of it. The final four products from last year still haven't gotten to the market (and the bike won't no matter what, ditto with the Anecia), which proves a deal with an established company is still not a sure path to profit. The only real money was the $1 million grand prize, and again, only Chavez got that. It's not like AI said all three would get $1 million or would split the sum.

One thing they really need to do if there is a third season is change the finale format, especially the bait and switch announcements. But on top of that, stop with the teary messages from friends and family. Let the inventors talk about their inventions, the pitch of their lifetime directly to the audience. Not the chintzy 3 minute edits they got in the 7th episode, but good, long 10-minute segments where they can really cut loose with their passion. And instead of really cheap 5-person "focus groups," get studio audiences who would get to grill the inventors on the advantages and drawbacks of their inventions, preferably before the $50,000 finalists are chosen. Face it, Peter, four rich people are really not the best judges of what America wants, especially when one of them isn't American. You have blind spots and a larger pool of critics would be much more likely to see what you can't. Go with the live audience format next year with Peter as the sole "host" who can cut questioning when it shows the prevailing audience opinion is it's a BS product. That way, at least Peter still gets to be the ultimate on-camera power on the show.

Aug 2, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Guardian Angel

I suspected that it might win but wasn't very enthused over the possibility or thrilled with the reality.  Once it becomes available, I think that the homes which could benefit the most from it  (i.e.., the "poorer" --or should I say "less affluent"--ones with cheap Christmas tree lights that may not  be UL listed and worn bulbs and extension cords, etc.) may be least likely to buy one.  Further, the Guardian Angel may give people a false sense of security, leading them to keep their lights on overnight and for long, extended hours (even when not home) and thereby INCREASE  the chances of a fire.  That is, people may be more careful without the Guardian Angel or the Guardian Angel may end up putting out fires that wouldn't have started had it not been available in the first place.  Will the Guardian Angel end up extinguishing  fires that its presence  "caused"?