The ABCs of Contemporary Seating

Half C, Multi C, One C? No, I'm not talking about the latest in the world of vitamins -- I'm talking about the latest in the world of modern seating, fresh out of Sweden. Berhin Studios is redefining some ideas about contemporary seating in practical ways that in no way compromise their decorative appeal.

One COne C


Half CHalf C








Let's start with the One C and its progeny, the pint-sized Half C. Made of varnished birch, this single piece of wood gently curves to provide a comfortable seat with a bit of swing in its support. The baby version, the Half C, is a mere 17 centimeters wide (watch out for that booty!) and has two keyhole hangers so it can actually be hung as a decorative wall piece when not in use.

Stack of Stack CsStack of Stack Cs



Now available in 2008 is the ever-useful Stack C, which is a version of the other Cs, only this has more of a cut body for easy stacking.




Multi CMulti C

Also included in this line-up is the Multi-C bench which has a similar form as all the rest but is found with a bending radius in customizable sizes for group seating in public places.

Pacman CirclePacman Circle

And to jump a bit out of the alphabet box here, I can't help but mention Pacman, which is fashioned from several 30-centimeter wide chairs that can zip together to create a larger chair in whatever color combination suits you in the moment. My question is: Shouldn't there be some yellow in there? Maybe some sound effects?

Currently, retailers for the Berhin line are only in France and Sweden, but thankfully we have the internet to broaden our shopping horizons.

Thanks to Erick for the tip!

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