Absolutely, Pawsitively Cutest, Most Clever Pet Gifts Ever From Takkoda

If you love animals, there's a particular source of original, clever, and often hilarious novelties, greeting cards, home accessories, and stylish t-shirts for adults, children and even infants that definitely ranks up there with the best this pet writer has seen...

The source is Takkoda, a British company with a Sioux Indian name that means 'friend to all.'  And surely, there can be no doubt about the pets and the best friend creations they have inspired Takkoda Pet Presents to create.  Here's a sampling...


Takkoda Pet Mugs

Pick from 17 different mugs to make a set.  Takkoda's most famous mugs are the "celebrity" mugs.


 Jackson Mug by Takkoda Pet Presents: ©TakkodaJackson Mug by Takkoda Pet Presents: ©Takkoda


Mao Mug: ©TakkodaMao Mug: ©Takkoda


Audrey (Hepburn) Mug: ©TakkodaAudrey (Hepburn) Mug: ©Takkoda


Chaplin Mug: ©TakkodaChaplin Mug: ©Takkoda



Takkoda Drink Coasters

Thirty different designs on these heat-resistant coasters, approximately 4" square, with cork backing.  Here are some more celebrities from Takkoda's collection printed on drink coasters...


Mr. T Coaster: ©TakkodaMr. T Coaster: ©Takkoda


Winston Churchill Coaster: ©TakkodaWinston Churchill Coaster: ©Takkoda


Mother Theresa Coaster: ©TakkodaMother Theresa Coaster: ©Takkoda


Spock Coaster: ©TakkodaSpock Coaster: ©Takkoda


Takkoda Bags

Here are just two of Takkoda's sporty bags; the Takkoda Celebrity Pet Tote Bag (13" x 15") and the Celebrity Pet Wash Bag (6" x 8"),  Both are made from soft, pliable oil cloth.


Takkoda Celebrity Pet Tote Bag: ©TakkodaTakkoda Celebrity Pet Tote Bag: ©Takkoda


Takkoda Celebrite Pet Wash BagTakkoda Celebrite Pet Wash Bag


Takkoda Pet Mirrors

Everyone needs to carry a glamour mirror in a pocket or purse. The Takkoda mirrors are about 2.125 inches in diameter.  You may remember the first design from the 2010 Pets Rock Calendar, from my 10+ Laugh Out Loud Funny Pet Calendars For 2010.


 Abba Mirror: ©TakkodaAbba Mirror: ©Takkoda


Fairy Mirror: ©TakkodaFairy Mirror: ©Takkoda


Takkoda Luggage Tags

Several cutie luggage tags are made with your favorite celebrity pets; here are three new faces...


Ozzie, Amy, & Yoda Luggage Tags: ©TakkodaOzzie, Amy, & Yoda Luggage Tags: ©Takkoda


Takkoda T-Shirts

A wide range of sizes and styles for infants, children, and adults, the Takkoda t-shirts are precious and funny.


Che T-Shirt: ©TakkodaChe T-Shirt: ©Takkoda


Geisha Dog T-Shirt: ©TakkodaGeisha Dog T-Shirt: ©Takkoda



Takkoda Greeting Cards

Takkoda has greeting cards to fit any occasion or none.  They have too much variety to show you, so I'll just give you two of my favorites from Takkoda's Animal Idioms collection....


"Wet Behind The Ears": ©Takkoda"Wet Behind The Ears": ©Takkoda


"Gone To The Dogs": ©Takkoda"Gone To The Dogs": ©Takkoda


I've barely touched the surface of Takkoda's Pet Presents. No... there are pet magnets, badges, stationery for kids, and much more.  Have fun, as I did, exploring Takkoda. Amazon also has a large selection of Takkoda items.

Many thanks to fellow writer Steve for this great tip!
(All sizes listed above were converted approximately from metric sizes.)

That's the buzz for today!



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