Abu Ghosh: Restaurant Takes Diners To A Time Before Cell Phones

In recent months, the internet has been running rampant with videos, articles, and photo memes that emphasize the importance of living in the moment. This is a message that has managed to withstand the tests of time, but now the emphasis is placed upon accomplishing this by disconnecting from technology. One savvy business has decided to embrace the "live in the moment" movement and has incorporated it as part of its branding initiative.

Abu Ghosh is the innovative new business that is encouraging patrons to focus on interaction while they enjoy their meal. With a 50% discount off the bill for those who put away their phones, tablets, and any other electronic devices, it is incentive enough for patrons to take in their surroundings and step away from the virtual distractions.

The generous discount offered by the restaurant, which is located just outside of Jerusalem, forces romance and encourages open communication. Individuals on a first date no longer have their phones to turn to when an awkward lag in the conversation occurs. Instead, they have to find a way to navigate through that with communication - just like we did in the old days.

Dining at Abu Ghosh: via: Yelp.comDining at Abu Ghosh: via: Yelp.com

The old "having a friend call with an emergency" trick to offer an out from a bad date is also eliminated from the equation. If things aren't going well, that can be addressed, or you learn quickly that it isn't a relationship worth pursuing. If you're hiding behind your phone throughout the date, it definitely draws out the process of determining if you are compatible.

Disconnecting from all of the things technology and all of the interpersonal interaction that comes with it is a scary thought for many. But social media and everything else brought to you by mobile technology is available 24/7. There will always be another funny cat picture or someone Instagramming their lunch along with a recipe. In fact, these things are forever memorialized on the internet for future viewing. But if you miss an amazing moment or opportunity in the real world around you, you might never get that experience again.

 The viral video  aptly named "I Forgot My Phone" (above) reminds us why this disconnect is so important. So step into Abu Ghosh for a meal, take the discount, and really allow yourself to be engaged by your surroundings. They'll probably help you re-discover the simple joys of dining out.

Via: CNet