Accessories For The Shoe Lover: Wacky Footwear Inspired Masks

Shoes are supposed to be worn on your feet, but not according to designer Minna Parkikka who has transformed her love of footwear into another unusual type of fashion.

Minna Parikka has been designing shoes for an extensive period of time and loves them, so much so that she decided to start making shoe-inspired fashions that can be worn in places other than on the feet to pay homage to footwear.

These masks are designed using the basic components of designer shoes; the inspiration is more obvious in some than others, where laces, heels and tongues are visible; but with some of the other footwear inspired masks you'll need to use your imagination and take the designer's word for it.

Shoes belong on feet where they serve a practical and typically stylish everyday purpose; these masks might scare small children if they hit the streets. But you tell me how you feel about these footwear inspired masks.

Via: TrendHunter