AccuVein AV300 Finds Your Veins Without Having To Poke And Prod

AccuVein AV300: ©AccuVeinAccuVein AV300: ©AccuVeinThink about how many of us all over the world are poked and prodded every day at the hands of well-meaning, but frustrated, health care workers who are just trying to find a suitable vein for a blood draw or a feeding tube insertion.  Poking and prodding... it's yesterday.

The AccuVein AV300 is a portable (10 ounces), non-contact medical device that enables your health care worker to see your veins beneath your skin - very clearly, in 3-D, in fact.  A vein-illumination device, all it takes is a point and click of the AV300 and your veins can be located by anyone - you can even see your own veins.  And imagine how neat that would be for a child, possibly distracting enough not to feel the pinch of the needle.

The AV300 comes in a pouch with a the battery charger, so it can be carried in a pocket; but a flexible arm is also available so it can be perched on a cart or table (see image above) when it is more convenient to do so.


AccuVein AV300: ©AccuVeinAccuVein AV300: ©AccuVein


This revolutionary product is already aiding patients and health care workers in 45 countries.  It's sure to be a relief for patients, saving pain and bruising, and health care providers, saving time and embarrassment.  Here's how it works...


The AccuVein AV300 received a gold award last night at the 2010 Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) held last night. It is well-deserved.