AccuVein AV300 Makes Drawing Blood Easier

AccuVein AV300AccuVein AV300

Being at the doctor’s office sucks. It especially makes the visit bad when you are told you need your blood drawn. However, even worse than that is when the person drawing your blood can’t seem to find your vein, thereby having to stick you with a needle a couple of times.

AccuVein LLC has developed a device that offers hand-held, non-contact vein illumination, which shows the person drawing your blood where exactly they should stick that needle.

The device, weighing only 10 ounces, works by detecting and highlighting hemoglobin, and also scans up to 8mm below the skin’s surface.

AccuVein AV300 uses point-and-click technologyAccuVein AV300 uses point-and-click technology

“The AV300 enables healthcare professionals to see a vein map on the skin, which represents an exciting medical innovation striving to improve the time, comfort and cost of care,” said Stephen P. Conlon, President of AccuVein.” “Furthermore, we’ve found that patients respond positively when they can see a display of their veins for these procedures, so we expect that the AV300 will contribute to increased patient satisfaction – a priority in the healthcare community.”

Some of the features of AccuVein include:

* Easy to learn and use – No pre-use calibration or adjustments are necessary- it can be used immediately.
* Small size –The AV300 fits in your hand and weighs only 10 ounces.
* Hands-free option –Either hand-hold the AV300 or set it in a hands-free accessory.
* No patient contact –Because the AV300 has been designed to be non-contact, it may not have to be sterilized after every use.
* Works in light or dark –Use the AV300 in light or darkly lit environments.
* Rechargeable battery –The AV300 doesn't need to be plugged into an electrical outlet.
* Real world ruggedness – Designed to take the wear and tear of hospital and field applications.
* Movement tolerant –Because the AV300 shows the veins in real time, when operated properly, the device can accommodate patient movement.

UPDATE:  In addition to Accuvein, there are now many new vein finder tools now available on the market. You can see a wide variety of vein finders here like this one with good reviews.

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