ACG Surfboard Roof Rack For Your Bike

Surfers, like other outdoor enthusiasts, are prone toward being a little extra green. After all, the love of their life involves harnessing the natural power of sea--without a clean, functional environment, surfers would be forced to build toy trains or whiddle wooden statues. A clean alternative to tearing up the beach with a gas-drunk Hummer is bike travel. Of course, trying to carry a surfboard while pedaling down the boardwalk is a hairy affair. While there are other bike-based surf racks out there--usually on the side or rear of the bike-- the ACG Surf Rack is an overhead version that's been getting some attention of late.


Like a giant, suspended roof rack for your bike, ACG's rack holds your board up over your head and allows you to pedal with ease to your favorite surf spot--unless of course, howling winds, deep potholes or drunken mooks throwing beer cans happen to knock you over like the last pin of a spare. It certainly doesn't look like the easiest contraption to operate, but it has to be safer than desperately clinging to your board with an armpit while attempting to navigate crowded beachfront roadways. 

The rack is a simple kit that works with "just about any bicycle you may have". It requires a screwdriver and wrench for assembly, which the company estimates at 15 minutes worth of your time. It doesn't appear to be available online and the company offers no pricing info, but if you live in Cali or Jersey, it's available at a few fine surf shops near the beach. 

ACG via Oh Gizmo!